View Full Version : America still standing on Thanksgiving Holiday

11-26-2009, 02:16 PM
As Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, President Barack Obama and his band of malcontent hippy czars are out there fomenting for revolution.

Progressives they are not, given that some of those same czars were fomenting for revolution back in the 60s when a kid named Barry was still in red diapers, having come into this world in 1961, in Country Unknown.

The little people gathering together at dining room tables all over America will be talking about revolution too. And because theirs is a revolution to restore America rather than dismantle it, victory is as close as the cranberry sauce.

Even though the mainstream media is trying to portray it as otherwise, there is plenty to be thankful for, not the least of which is a Messiah presented as walking on water, is tanking in the polls.

The same can’t be said for the shock-a-day administration which is navel gazing about why their months long campaign to cow Americans isn’t working.

Proof is in the pudding, in the variety of puddings topping off this Thanksgiving meal. The only Blackberries paid attention to on Thanksgiving Day are the ones in Granny’s pie. Cold comfort indeed are the Blackberries, Twitters and Tweets trying to conduct big business as usual on this day.

While it is reality that the Obama administration is trying to make a bleak time seem even bleaker, even its most radical members must know by now that American patriots never give up.

As Chuck Norris wrote in Human Events, “Despite the biggest economic recession since the Great Depression, like a ramrod, Washington believes it’s also a good time to force another $1 trillion on American taxpayers, by providing another governmental entitlement, called universal health care. In so doing, Washington is reducing our financial freedoms further and slowing future economic recovery by placing more increased debt and taxes upon all of us.”

This was the prelude to Thanksgiving 2009: The mastermind of 9/11 will be tried in criminal court within a mile of Ground Zero. Three Navy SEALs were up on assault for slugging a terrorist. As Obamanutz author and Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Joy Tiz writes, “Not just any terrorist, mind you. Ahmed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the annihilation and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards whose mission on that day was to transport supplies for a catering company.” Troops requested for Afghanistan are still in the rumor stage, Obama’s latest dithering date given as December 1.