View Full Version : Tiger Woods hires "Mark NeJame", 'Orlando's own Johnnie Cochran'

11-30-2009, 12:08 AM
When he informed the Florida Highway Patrol that he was canceling a scheduled interview for a third time Sunday, golfer Tiger Woods did so through Orlando attorney Mark NeJame, who told authorities he is now representing Woods.

Officers want to question Woods about the incident in which the SUV he was driving hit a fire hydrant and a tree outside his home at 2:25 a.m. Friday, leaving him bleeding and temporarily unconscious.

NeJame is a veteran attorney who, according to a biography on his firm's website, has "primarily devoted his entire career to the practice of criminal defense" and has "handled numerous high profile cases involving lawyers, judges, professionals, celebrities, athletes, politicians, law enforcement officials and renowned business people."

His biography also notes that he has been the subject of many media profiles, with headlines that include "Orlando's Own Johnnie Cochran," "Defender is a Contender," and "Voice for the Voiceless."

Among other clients, NeJame has represented basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, as well as a reality show director, a Middle Eastern millionaire, a Florida state senator accused of DUI, and many others.

He played a brief role representing the grandparents of young Caylee Anthony in the sensational murder case. He's also prominent in Orlando civic activities and raised money for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race.

As for being "Orlando's own Johnnie Cochran," an Orlando Sentinel write-up of Nejame's 2003 wedding -- an article posted on NeJame's firm's website -- referred to him as "the defense attorney known as the Johnnie Cochran of Orlando."

The firm's website also includes an article from Orlando Spotlite Magazine, in which NeJame was asked, "You've been referred to in the media as being the 'Johnnie Cochran' of Orlando, being Orlando's premier attorney. How do you feel about that?" NeJame was happy to be compared to the man who most famously got O.J. Simpson off on double-murder charges. "I'm honored and humbled when someone thinks enough of my representation to compliment me," NeJame answered. "I really just do the best I can." [Note: In a number of places on NeJame's website, Cochran's first name is misspelled as "Johnny." It is corrected here.]

NeJame was also asked about his reputation as a "media attorney," that is, one who represents his clients in the media as well as in court. "A skillful attorney will know how and when to utilize the media," NeJame said. "It should be one of many cards that an attorney knows how to play."