View Full Version : Investigators Round up Suspect's Relatives in Police Killings

12-01-2009, 10:42 AM
Seattle, Washington (CNN) -- Investigators searching for the suspected killer of four Seattle-area police officers have rounded up several of his relatives and friends to keep them from helping him escape, a sheriff's spokesman said Monday.

Police have brought in five or six relatives and other acquaintances of Maurice Clemmons, "and we expect that number to grow," Pierce County Sheriff's Department spokesman Ed Troyer said.

Some of Clemmons' family and friends have been trying to help him elude police and seek treatment for a gunshot wound, and they have tried to divert investigators by calling in false leads, he said.

"What we're going to do is eliminate those people, so he'll have no place to go," Troyer told CNN. A raid in the southern Seattle suburb of Renton late Monday was aimed at cutting off Clemmons from that support network, he said.

Clemmons, 37, is an ex-convict with a long rap sheet in Washington and Arkansas, according to authorities and documents. He is wanted in what police called the ambush-style killing of four police officers from Lakewood, near Tacoma, about 40 miles south of Seattle. Witnesses say Clemmons was shot in the torso during the Sunday morning attack, and blood and gauze bandages were found in a truck linked to Clemmons, Troyer said.

The sheriff's department said associates who refuse to cooperate with the investigation could face criminal charges.


12-01-2009, 10:43 AM
"What we're going to do is eliminate those people, so he'll have no place to go,"

Apparantly they forgot about his sister. Anyhoo, this is all moot now as Clemmons is tango uniform.