View Full Version : Increasing Numbers of Americans Abandoning Democrat Party

12-01-2009, 09:32 PM
Rasmussen’s out with a new Party ID survey. Here are the current numbers, as of November 2009:

Democrats: 36%

Republicans: 33.1%

Independents: 30.8%

And yes, that adds up to 99.9% combined, so who knows what’s up there.

But that’s the lowest Democrat Party ID since 2005, and the smallest the gap between Dems and Republicans has been since 2007.

If those of us here had been polled by Rasmussen, we would have said we were Democrats too…
but we do not agree with 98% of what the party is doing right now,
do not support the current president in his socialist takeover of this country,
and look forward to helping vote out as many Liberals as possible in 2010.

But, we still Dem party identify.
That’s changing with every new blunder this administration makes, but for the moment we are still Democrats…though moderate, leaning Independent ones.

We wonder how many more people like us are in that 36% — because we definitely aren’t votes the DNC can count on.