View Full Version : Teach a donkey to fish!

12-02-2009, 11:34 AM
I love it, a conservative (http://bit.ly/5bw2Wn) childrens book to battle those lib books!

Goppy and Libby! :D

Andrea Smith, of Taylors, is concerned about raising her two children with a sense of personal responsibility.

“We want to be examples of raising conservative kids but we still have a hard time, they want everything, they think they deserve it,” she said.

When Smith struggled to find a childrens book that mirrored her values she and her husband, Scott, decided to become authors. Their first book is titled "Teach a Donkey to Fish."

“It teaches kids that you are going to have to work hard, you are not entitled to it,” Smith said.

The main character in Smiths book is Goppy the elephant. The first three letters of his name, GOP, should tell you his political leanings. Goppy’s best friend is a donkey named Libby.

In the book Goppy and Libby engage in a friendly debate about finances. “Gopp-o my buddy from the bus stop-o, would you be a honey and give Libby a little money,” Smith read from the book.

Libby wants a Goppy to give her money for a new back pack. Goppy says no hand outs, you have to earn it.

"Teach a Donkey to Fish" is the first in what the Smiths hope will become a serious of Goppy books to deal with capitalism, immigration and taxes.

"Teach a Donkey to Fish" is available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. It costs $8.99.