View Full Version : Fancy Nancy Pelosi: only GOP Congress is Responsible for High Gas Prices…

07-25-2008, 02:00 PM
Pelosi: Congress is responsible for high gas prices…only if GOP controls Congress .

"Congress Of Liberal Worms !"

Michelle Malkin has a great post reminding people of San Fancy Fran Nan’s words when campaigning against the then-GOP controlled Congress:

With skyrocketing gas prices, it is clear that the American people can no longer afford the Republican Rubber Stamp Congress and its failure to stand up to Republican big oil and gas company cronies. Americans this week are paying $2.91 a gallon on average for regular gasoline – 33 cents higher than last month, and double the price than when President Bush first came to office.

“With record gas prices, record CEO pay packages, and record oil company profits, Speaker Hastert and the Majority Congress continue to give the American people empty rhetoric rather than join Democrats who are working to lower gas prices now.

How’s that working out for us?

Michelle also has a chart up that shows the fluctuation of gas prices since 2005, broken down by a Republican Congress and the current Democrat Congress. If you don’t feel like looking at the chart, here’s the condensed version:

Gas prices when Bush took office under a GOP-controlled Congress in January 2001: $1.49

Gas prices when Dems took control of Congress in January 2007: $2.10

Percent increase from Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2007: 41%

Gas prices today (July 2008): $4.11

Percent increase from Jan. 2007 to today (July 2008): 95%

In other words, it’s taken the Dems only 18 months to do what Bush and the GOP couldn’t do in six years: nearly double the price of gas! But in Fantasy World, the 41% gas price increase under Bush and Friends counts, but the 95% gas price increase under the Dems doesn’t count. Got that?

Look, I’m not blaming Pe-loco for the high gas prices…because in essence, whether she knows it or not, she’s blaming herself! But what I am saying is that if she’s going to blame Congressional Republicans for the high prices under their watch, then she is going to have to take ownership of the high prices under her watch.