View Full Version : Campaign to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat

12-08-2009, 10:52 PM
BOSTON The relatively quiet campaign to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy's Senate seat was matched by equally light turnout Tuesday as voters picked two state politicians to face off in next month's general election.

Attorney General Martha Coakey won a four-way race for the Democratic nomination, while state Sen. Scott Brown bested a perennial candidate to win the Republican nomination.

Coakley's win was her first step toward becoming the first female senator from Massachusetts, a state otherwise known for its liberal political tradition.

Brown, who has carved out a decidedly conservative record, faces an uphill challenge in a state where the majority of voters are independents but frequently vote Democratic.
Election officials said turnout in Boston a city bearing the Kennedy family image and name throughout was a meager 10 percent, with similar turnout in most other cities.


12-08-2009, 11:15 PM
While the state's incumbent congressmen did not have to risk giving up their own seats in the special election, one by one they decided against a campaign. Most concluded privately that Coakley could not be beat amid a field of multiple men.Which means that people were going to vote for her not because of record but because of her gender. WONDERFUL. Those kinds of votes always works out so well for us. :rolleyes: