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07-25-2008, 08:42 PM
Reid Reaches Out To Liberal Bloggers For Help:D

(The Politico) On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized the Washington press corps for failing to report what he believes is unprecedented Republican obstruction.

So Friday afternoon, Reid reached out to the liberal blogosphere.

"You need to keep doing the job you're doing, but you need to move on," Reid said in a Webcast hosted by a handful of progressive bloggers. "We need your help to push back against the Republican harangue ... that we're not allowing votes" on oil drilling amendments.

The Webcast was hosted by meetthebloggers and included bloggers from HuffingtonPost, OpenLeft and thesmogblog.com.

Reid seemed flustered Thursday when addressing congressional reporters, saying they needed to do a better job of explaining that Democrats have offered Republicans drilling amendments but the GOP has refused to make a deal.

The Crypt has extensively covered the back and forth over Senate process on the energy bill, and both sides have muddied the debate. Reid has indeed offered Republicans a couple drilling related amendments on energy, but the GOP wants as many as seven, and perhaps up to 28 amendments on what they believe is a major issue that should be thoroughly debated


07-26-2008, 11:28 AM
Reid and Pelosi both are jellyfish. ie. spineless.