View Full Version : Democrats To GOP: Keep Out And Shut Up

12-12-2009, 12:16 AM
Loyal Opposition: The president has called on Republicans to "stop trying to frighten the American people." But telling the truth about the never-ending expansion of government is not scaremongering.

First, Democrats in Congress kept their colleagues on the opposite side of the aisle from a place at the table on health reform because Republicans "aren't offering a plan." The truth is that they aren't offering a big government plan, and Democratic leaders are blind to solutions that focus on the private sector.

Now, adding insult to injury, the president told Republicans during a White House meeting Wednesday with leaders of both parties to quit scaring the public, as recounted to reporters by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Let's see if we've got this right. Republicans are allowed to take part in decisions like the most sweeping changes in health care law in history, and rescuing the economy from the worst downturn since the Great Depression but only if their ideas mirror liberals' trillion-dollar statist wish list.

And if they refuse to get on board the Democrats' juggernaut, they'd better not just get out of the way of it; they also don't have any business telling the American people about its size or its speed, or the havoc it will wreak on its journey.

As House Minority Leader John Boehner said, there's pretty much a hiring freeze going on in the country as businesses wait to see how bad Congress' dictates will be on the health insurance they provide to their workers. "And the president wants to blame us for informing the American people about what's happening here and how it will affect them."

As he added, "it's the policies that they're promoting here in Washington" that are the Democrats' problem, not Republican rhetoric.

Think about it. How often have Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell been accused of throwing their overpowering charisma around? Public support for Congress' multitrillion-dollar health care revolution isn't in the dumpster only 41% according to IBD/TIPP; just 35% according to Gallup because of anybody being charmed or excited by supposed GOP demagoguery.

It's because Americans increasingly know they're about to lose, for all its flaws, one hell of a great health insurance system. They're about to start paying thousands of dollars more a year in premiums in exchange for less consumer choice and reduced quality of care.


12-13-2009, 10:18 AM