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12-14-2009, 09:22 PM
By the great states man - Charlie Daniels!! Tel em Charlie!

I do not claim allegiance to any political party. I am not a Democrat or Republican nor Libertarian. I vote for the person I feel to be the most qualified for the job.

Now, when I speak of qualifications, it involves much more than college diplomas and former political experience. Qualification for holding public office in my book includes honesty, integrity and the courage and willingness to go against your party and stand alone, if you think it's the right thing to do.

I am so sick of the dirty, under-handed things that are going on in Washington. I'm sick of congressmen and senators who sign their name to a bill they've never read, and don't know what it says.

I'm sick of the dirty little amendments that scumbag politicians slip into legislation without the public's knowledge. It's totally dishonest, unethical and unworthy of somebody who has sworn to be a public servant.

I'm sick of politicians who think taxpayer's money belongs to them to spend on any whimsical thought that comes across their greedy little minds.

I'm sick of a president, who does things for political purposes and risks the lives of America's troops in doing so.

I'm sick of a Justice Department that has no more regard for the safety and well being of the American people than to expose the citizens of New York to a circus trial that could well end in the murder of innocent citizens.

I'm sick and tired of a President who has no commitment and no resolve when it comes to fighting terrorism.

I'm sick and tired of a Secretary of Homeland Security who can't even bring herself to say the word "terrorist".

I'm sick and tired of politicians who want to design a health care plan that's supposed to be good enough for us but not good enough for them.

I'm sick and tired of a President, congress and senate who refuse to address the real cost of health care, tort reform and enabling interstate competition among private insurance companies.

I am sick and tired of Democrats, I am sick and tired of Republicans, they had their chance and blew it.

If I had my way, everybody on Capitol Hill would come home and make a living in the same way we all do, and I mean everybody.

Our forefathers never meant for the system they designed to be dominated by career politicians. It was meant to re-staff the senate and congress every few years to break up the power cliques and get some street level thinking into the process.

Most of the people on Capitol Hill are almost totally out of touch with the American public. They haven't lived like a regular citizen for so long they've forgotten what it's like to have to pay for your own health care, buy your own postage stamps, not have a golden parachute of a retirement plan, buy your own airplane tickets and not be coddled by greasy lobbyists looking for favors.

All they know about life on the streets of America is what they read in the Washington Post.

It's a pitiful situation. Three hundred million people being ruled by a few hundred greedy, out of touch and in some cases senile men and women who don't know how to do anything except spend tax money.

It's time to bring them home, it's time that the congress, president and government workers be required to have the very same health care program they force on the rest of us.

I believe that the ordinary citizens don't care which party is in power as long as they truly represent the people and do what's really best for us, not them and their political aspirations.

People want honesty, common sense and representatives who have the integrity not to sell out to Obama, Pelosi or Reid when they offer multimillion-dollar favors for their vote.

They want leaders who don't send the sons and daughters of America into harm's way without a one hundred percent commitment to winning whatever war they're asked to fight.

They want leaders who are not so politically correct that they set ridiculous, undoable rules of engagement and tie the hands of our troops. If we're not going to win we shouldn't be there to start with.

We need fresh blood on Capitol Hill. We need to cut out the rot, to send some people up there who will bring some fiscal sanity, who will actually listen to the generals on the ground fighting our wars, who understand that money put into the hands of the congress is poured down a black hole and never seen again, while money left in the hands of the people turns over many times and creates prosperity.

That's what we need, but that sure ain't what we're getting.

This ain't rocket science, folks.

Term limits!!

Term limits!!!

Term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?

12-14-2009, 10:18 PM
I couldn't agree more. :)

Average Voter
12-15-2009, 01:49 PM
Our only hope is reset the Federal Gov't back to pre-FDR days. I say any program or department created post 1933 should be eliminated. Yes that means Social Security and Medicare and the Department of Education, EPA, etc. Members of Congress and Senators should be limited to a staff of 3. Some of these congressional toads have staffs of over 150 people (and they still can't find time to READ THE BILL).

Bring back Vlad the Impaler. Ring the reflecting pool with 535 heads on lances. Keep them there as incentive for their successors not to become the arrogant, corrupt, egocentric, feckless toads currently infesting the halls of Congress.

Unfortunately I foresee the permanent political class in this country will not change. You'll get both Dems/Repubs strengthening unconstitutional laws like McCain/Feingold to limit our free speech and keep these fucks and their children in power. I believe I'll live to see the US become a 3rd world economic power and a totalitarian system. Oh boy. Maybe we can all get government supplied rice cookers just like Cuba. And if you are really really lucky you'll have some rice to put in it.

Socialists/Communists/Statists killed 100 million people last century. What makes you think they won't up the ante this century. Then Michelle Obama can be really proud of her county.

Bad days are coming.

12-15-2009, 10:46 PM
if the political class will not surrender power willingly - then it should be taken from them by force.