View Full Version : "Glitch grounds Air France Airbus A380 Superjumbo in New York"

12-15-2009, 09:15 PM
PARIS (AFP) A glitch on a A380 superjumbo forced Air France to ground the plane in New York, the airline said Tuesday, the second technical fault reported since the Airbus started flying to the route last month.

The Monday evening flight from New York to Paris, with 511 passengers on board, "was delayed due to a technical problem on the plane," a spokeswoman for Air France told AFP, citing a problem with the fuel tanks.

Half of the plane's passengers were put on alternative commercial flights on Tuesday while for the other half, Air France laid on an A340 aircraft that was due to fly on Tuesday evening, the spokeswoman said.

Maintenance teams were "determining the cause of the fault," she added.

Air France started flying the giant double-decker jet, the world's largest passenger plane, on November 23.

Days later an Air France A380 was forced to turn around and land in New York after a fault with its navigation system. A spokesman for the airline cited "a minor computer problem" in that incident.

Another A380, flown by Singapore Airlines, had to return to Paris on September 27 after one of its four engines failed during a routine flight to Singapore.