View Full Version : Unchurched, Unmarried, Poor, Inexperienced and Pro-Obama

12-16-2009, 02:04 PM
A strategist casting a cold eye on the Gallup poll tracking President Barack Obama’s job approval rating might be tempted to give our president the following advice: Sir, you need more unmarried, unchurched, poor and inexperienced Americans.

Given the polling trends, the more people who are devout, married and prosperous and have seen more than a few decades of life, the worse it will be for the president.

What’s good for America is bad for Obama. Unless, of course, you think that faith, family, wealth and longevity are bad. But, then, who would think that?

Each Monday, Gallup publishes a demographic breakdown of the president’s approval rating among the people it has surveyed during the previous seven-day period.

For the week of Dec. 7-13, Obama’s overall approval was 49 percent, with some groups rating him significantly higher than that and some rating him significantly lower. Among people who seldom or never go to church, Obama did relatively well. Fifty-three percent said they approved of the job he is doing. Among those who go to church monthly or nearly weekly, 53 percent approved. But among weekly churchgoers, only 42 percent approved.

If there were not a class of citizens in this country who go to church every week, a majority of Americans would still approve of the job Obama is doing.

Obama also did very well among the unmarried. Fifty-nine percent approved of the job he is doing. Among married people, however, only 42 percent approved.

If marriage could be eliminated in this country—leaving only the never married, the divorced and the cohabitating—a majority of Americans would still approve of the job Obama is doing.