View Full Version : Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen....

12-17-2009, 06:44 PM
...promised poor countries $100 billion per year of our and our kids' money from America to help undo the terrible harm we Americans have done to the planet..

Now, let's analyze the pesky logic for a second.. Not feelings or what we wish to happen or not happen, but logic..

So these poor countries with massive poor populations of people who have trouble eating and surviving on a daily basis need our money to help America stop and reverse the terrible damage we've done to the planet.. I'm already confused as to how this will help, but let me go a little further..

So these countries with these massive poor populations and massive slums start getting $100 Bn per year.. Now, assuming even one tenth of that reaches the populace and isn't stolen by the doubtless criminal regimes running these third-world hovels, what will this mean? Will it mean that the countries will begin to industrialize? Build factories? The people will be able to work? Well, some even rudimentary schooling would have to take place first, but I digress.. So now we've got more factories in the world producing more pollutants, we'll have a populace that will be ravenous for the food they can now afford and will get it by causing the cost of our share of the food to increase due to increased competition, AND... they'll want to start modernizing their infrastructure.. So what comes next? They'll want to DRIVE CARS... Dirty, polluting cars that pollute the Earth..

Right now these people aren't polluting the Earth much beyond their own waste and whatnot, so it seems our goal is to mitigate the damage we've done to the planet by enabling underdeveloped countries to pollute more and increase their carbon footprint.. Brilliant!!

I'm not saying that they deserve to stay poor, but thinking logically about this lie that is global warming, the math just doesn't compute.