View Full Version : John McCain Upset Over Lieberman-Franken Snub (Video)

12-17-2009, 11:04 PM
John McCain coming to the defense of Joe Lieberman who was not given an extra common courtesy of 60 seconds to finish out his speech on the Senate floor and was denied by Sen. Al Franken to continue.


Itís just a parliamentarian task. Thereís no real stature associated with it. I guess this was Frankenís turn to serve in that capacity.

It was interesting to see him state that in his capacity as a Senator, he did object to Liebermanís unanimous consent request. I can imagine you doing that on procedural matters, but to deny a senator the right to spend a few moments to wrap up, was insulting.

Franken probably couldnít wait to get back to him computer to see the four posts that gave him kudos from his home state.