View Full Version : Axelrod : Left “insane” for wanting to kill the bill

12-17-2009, 11:45 PM
"Peggy Noonan observed that the White House has managed a trifecta on ObamaCare by alienating the Right, the Center, and now the Left. "VIDEO'S

Dean won’t be the only one who has lost his enthusiasm for Obama by 2012.

How serious is the split in the Democratic Party over the ObamaCare compromise that leaves progressives without a fig leaf?

Howard Dean has gone on national TV for three days in a row demanding that his allies in the Democratic Party defeat the bill and force Barack Obama and the White House to start over from scratch.

Joe Scarborough managed to get both Dean and David Axelrod on his show today to get both sides of the (Democratic) story. First, Axelrod says the Left would be “insane” to kill ObamaCare now: