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12-22-2009, 08:27 PM
You've gotta see this! Top Brass Speaks out ! Ft. Hood

It's about time someone had the GUTS to call it what it is! Who do YOU trust with your Safety these days? !!!


A paragraph summary would be greatly appreciated!
Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin speaks out on Fort Hood massacre, calls it terrorism; says Maj. Husan was known to be an extremist. Boykin also pointed out that we have many of these extremists in the US who want us under sharia law, and we have to start calling it what it is -- terrorism

We rarely see an active senior officer willing to put his stars on the line to do or say what is right.

LTG Boykin failed to get a fourth star because he had no fears in putting them on the line.

LTG Boykin freely expressed his beliefs in many venues and in the face of many senior officers, congressional buttheads, senatorial blowhards and presidential dumbasses.

He and I are of the same generation of soldiers that saw the jihadi sympathizers and enablers coming into the ranks and into the political scene.

I got out of it in '91, for several reasons, Clinton on his way in for one, but also because of the attitude already being fostered in the military, re: "diversity and acceptance" bullshit.

LTG Boykin has been a professed and practicing Christian since he was at least a senior Captain, probably even longer than that.

I credit him with opening my eyes to the threat, a threat that he had been talking about for several years prior to Mogadishu, a threat that he had hoped would become a rock of the foundation of the operational guidance of Delta.

I did not know him on a personal basis, nor did he directly command me, but I was aware of him for quite a while. He spent quite a while as the Delta Ops Officer, I believe, or may have been the S-2, I don't recall exactly. He was a promotable LTC when I retired, and I believe he made full COL immediately after.

He once said that the Iranian Embassy hostage rescue op was a personal failure of his.

Even though he had no direct responsibility for it, he always felt that he had not done enough to make it succeed.

Of course, as history has shown us, the only way that op could have succeeded is for Jimmah Cottah to have come down with a fatal heart attack or something, prior to the op go. But that's another story.

One hell of a leader.

One hell of a warrior.
It’s Jihad, General. Terrorism this was not. It was Jihad. May sound like too fine a distinction, but it ain’t — it leads to different tactics and strategies, predictions of future behavior.

Jihad includes acts of terrorism, still this was not an act of terrorism. Jihad also includes act of suicidal mass murder as a doorway to Paradise, an offering to Allah — which this was.

The Major had no political goal, he did not mean to instill terror. No, he meant to sacrifice to Allah.

There may have been a iman who worked with him - I think that is likely based on some contemporaneous eyewitness reports of a bearded man meeting him some days before at his apartment. That Iman may have set up an act of terror, but still the motive was not terror — it was suicide and a slaughter sacrifice.

Jihad includes a component which is a suicidal slaughter self-offering. Terrorism does not. Terrorists can exploit people so disposed, if they somehow make contact with them.

You look at different things to find a Jihadi than you do to find a terrorist.

I suspect our intelligence agencies are great at finding terrorists. Terrorist have a motive to cause terror, and thus at a minimum have observers to observe the terror.

These kind of Jihads only have a motive to sacrifice themselves and any other humans with them as bonus points. They work alone, alone their motive is most pure. Our intelligence agencies are not only blind to them — they are HIRING them. Such Jihadis are drawn to the very apparatus designed to fight “terror”. And our groups love them because of a certain moral weakness in those with permajobs in Government and Military, and these secret private Jihadis speak Arabic, as a bonus. And they the agency gets diversity bonus points for hiring them.

It is weird. As the General laments, we do not see them, and we should. They are easy for unbiased folks, those of a non Federal bureaucratic PC mindset, to spot. They are VERY easy to spot.

But spotting them requires action that can involve a judgment call, one that can look bad if the judgment is suspect to the others who follow it up, and perma-job people LOATHE such judgment calls.