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07-27-2008, 10:29 AM
New battles erupt over gun laws

From airports to Disney World, the fight to limit firearms continues in the courts

ATLANTA—Following the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down a ban on handguns, gun opponents are fighting to preserve or expand gun-free zones, igniting battles over whether civilians should be allowed to carry loaded weapons to places such as airports, public parks and even the Magic Kingdom.

The same day a new law went into effect in Georgia allowing people who have obtained a legal license to carry loaded weapons into restaurants that sell liquor, state parks and public transit systems, Atlanta officials declared Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport off-limits, citing security concerns. Gun proponents immediately filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the decision.

Reacting to Florida's new law allowing workers to keep concealed firearms in their vehicles in employee parking lots, Walt Disney World amusement park declared its parking lot exempt. Disney security guard Edwin Sotomayor protested the rule and said he planned to challenge it in court. Disney later fired him, saying he violated employee policies.

Gun-rights advocates are challenging the U.S. Interior Department to reverse a long-held regulation banning loaded firearms in most national parks. The department is reviewing its policy, which officials said deters illegal hunting and makes the parks more attractive to families.


Bubba Dawg
07-27-2008, 02:21 PM
I have a concealed carry permit in Georgia, and had one when I lived in Florida. Concealed Carry permit holders can now carry a concealed weapon in Georgia State Parks except for those where the property is leased from the federal government.

I think we are in for a series of lawsuits in various locales over the meaning or interpretation of the SC ruling. It will be interesting.

As a group, concealed carry permit holders are law abiding individuals who a prepared to offer protection not only for themselves, but for other citizens. It is odd that they are singled out by the bureaucrats and do gooders when it is the lawless ones who violate the law are actually the problem.

Good post. Permit holders have gone through background checks. Their record is scrutinized before they ever get the permit. CCW holders are not the problem. They are just more easily regulated because they, as a group, tend to obey the law.