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12-24-2009, 10:20 AM
Heileman on Healthcare (Good Analysis Buried Inside Barf Alert Article)

To get a sense of the degree of difficulty facing the speaker, begin by considering the narrowness of the vote by which the House passed its version of the bill in November: 220–215. Then realize that, on January 3, Florida Democratic congressman Bob Wexler will resign — and that Louisiana Republican Joseph Cao, the one GOP member who voted for the House bill, has reportedly said he won’t be the deciding vote in favor of final passage. That means the effective baseline Pelosi is working with is 218–216. She truly has no margin for error.

Then consider three widely circulated letters from Democratic House members to Pelosi in the past few months: One in which 60 representatives stated they would not support a health-care bill (like the Senate’s) with no public option; one in which 41 pledged to vote against any bill “that contains language that restricts women’s right to choose any further than current law” (as the House bill did with the inclusion of the Stupak amendment and the Senate’s arguably does with its softer Ben Nelson–approved language); and one in which 188 stated their opposition to taxing high-cost employer-provided “Cadillac” health-care packages (as the Senate bill does).

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12-24-2009, 02:19 PM
I still want some answers; Why if this is such a good bill it has to be passed behind closed doors, in a big hurry, without reading it, without debating it, without a means to fund it, lying about the cost of it, and without mandating CONgressional and SINate member inclusion in it?

Please, would one of you liberal screwballs attempt to answer any one of these componenets to my question?:cool: