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01-05-2010, 05:26 PM
Unbelievable. It looks like the news was put out on the day it was most likely to get buried, given the severe weather conditions here in Teh Yuk.

Fortunately the Daily Telegraph was on the ball today:

The head of the Met Office, the national weather service which has been heavily criticised for getting its forecasts wrong, is now paid more than the Prime Minister, after receiving a 25 per cent pay rise.

No shit they get them wrong. They told us that there was a 1-in-7 chance of a harsh UK winter this time round. They completely cocked up the last South-East/South Central/South West regional, putting thousands of commuters at risk.

So why has this smug looking muppett


been given a 25% pay hike?

Take a look at the Met Office's website (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/). That will nail it for you. Look at the second tab along. What did you expect to see? :rolleyes: Yep, he's been awarded 25% for predicting AGW, when his outfit cannot even reliably get a national seven day winter forecast right.

I'd say "fuck me", but I'm already feeling completely fucked by this government (half of whom have already been caught with both hands in the public cookie jar).

Again, the DT nails it in an OpEd:

The reason the Met Office so persistently gets its seasonal forecasts wrong is that it has been hi-jacked from the role for which we pay it nearly 200 million a year, to become one of the world's major propaganda engines for the belief in man-made global warming. Over the past three years, it has become a laughing stock for forecasts which are invariably wrong in the same direction.

The year 2007, it predicted, would be "the warmest ever" just before global tempratures plunged by more than the entire net warming of the 20th century, Three years running it predicted warmer than average winters as large parts of the northern hemisphere endured record cold and snowfalls. Last year's "barbecue summer" was the third time running that predictions of a summer drier and warmer than average prefaced weeks of rain and cold. Last week the Met Office was again predicting that 2010 will be the "warmest year" on record, while Europe and the US look to be facing further weeks of intense cold.

More of the OpEd here (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/6924898/The-Met-Office-gives-us-the-warmist-weather.html) and the pay hike story here (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/topics/weather/6931584/Met-Office-chief-receives-25-pc-pay-rise.html)

01-05-2010, 05:35 PM
They think if they just keep tugging the wool will cover our eyes...:rolleyes:

Over here we have Noah Wiley and the WWF telling us how badly the polar bears are suffering and need our help...:eek:

They're backed into a corner, and they don't like it.