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01-07-2010, 08:47 AM
The UN and Interpol How the UN will gain power

Anti-Greens are ‘Criminals’, According to Interpol, Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problemIt is interesting that the man who cast aside the US Constitution like a rag, and imposes his own laws without consent, has agreed to allow an international police authority to overrule the US government.Barack Obama signed an Executive Order giving express permission for Interpol to supersede the laws and police authorities of the USA.

Some have seen this as heralding loss of sovereignty. The truth is, the USA already lost it when it voted for Obama. Before the election he promised to hand over sovereignty to the UN, and this will indeed occur if the people allow him to carry on implementing his own Executive Orders without the consent of Congress or the people!

Radical person of the week: Tom Hayden

Interpol operates with the consent of 188 member countries (so far). Its aim is to combat international crime and seek cross-country police cooperation. This is based on the “limits of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (which has itself caused more mayhem than it is worth). Its constitution prohibits being involved in political, military, religious or racial conflict. Tell that to the fairies!

In 2005, Interpol briefed members of the UN’s Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee on its work to combat terrorism and its “growing cooperation with the UN in a range of anti-crime areas”. But, what is considered to be ‘crime’? Whatever the UN decides it will be.Interpol has an office in the UN’s New York building. The links between Interpol and the UN are very strong, if not interwoven. Interpol spokesmen say that Interpol can give “teeth and real impact to Security Council Resolutions”.

According to Interpol’s Article 2, Interpol is looking for “new opportunities” to expand its operations within the UN. In other words, Interpol is to be the police eyes and ears of the UN worldwide. Doesn’t this sound rather familiar? (If it doesn’t, read up on Soviet KGB operations). Remember, too, that anti-environmentalism is being called ‘terrorism’. Interpol has a worldwide anti-terrorism network. Yet, Obama is nestling up to terrorist organisations and countries. This means that the central theme of ‘terrorism’ will change dramatically under Obama. Also, Obama is planning to make the owning of small arms illegal, effectively making US people defenceless, not just before criminals but also before government. Interpol will be used to discover and arrest those who own small arms.

Another aim of Interpol is to provide support for UN peacekeeping missions. Anyone who knows the truth recognises that these UN peacekeeping missions are anything but! They are killing sprees, with UN troops at the helm, making sure Marxist regimes stay in power, or gain power. How can Interpol claim neutrality when it assists UN troops in murderous ‘peacekeeping’?This is of prime importance when Interpol says that another area of crime it wishes to obliterate is “Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity”. Yet, the UN Charter includes the notion of genocide, its troops are guilty of war crimes, and the UN says that anti-greens are acting against humanity!

Anti-Greens are ‘Criminals’
According to Interpol, “Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problem… it is not limited to criminals polluting the air, water and land and pushing commercially valuable wildlife species closer to extinction; it can also include crimes which speed up climate change… and exhaust essential natural resources.” What did Interpol say about not being involved in politics?

Very clearly, Interpol is working behind the scenes to identify ‘criminals’ who oppose climate change plans by the UN! Can’t you see what is going on? Can’t you see that we are seeing the creation of a Marxist regime far greater than the Soviets could have dreamt of? Far greater than the one now existing in China?Interpol speaks of these ‘crimes’ as being harmful to the economy and security… blatant political propaganda dressed up in police uniforms! What has a police organisation got to do with the economy? The economy is to do with politics!