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01-07-2010, 12:57 PM
To Hell with Political Correctness

Let me express what so many Americans are thinking about national security. “Get off your butts and protect America and to hell with political correctness!”

The time for coddling our enemies is over. The time of bowing and groveling and acquiescing to foreign leaders must end. The apologies made for America need to be retracted. We need strength and resolve not caution and complacency.

How far should we go? Well, how many Nidal Hassans ( Ft. Hood terrorist and murderer) are there in our own military that need to be sent packing out of this country.

When within our own military is infiltrated with enemy sympathizers who have no intent of protecting and defending our constitution then it’s time for a real housecleaning.

How many more trained underwear bombers will slip through airport security? How many al Qaeda operatives have walked into our country through porous borders? Do we need a Terrorist Connect the Dots book for training purposes?
How about a simple No-Fly list: No Muslims

When our national security is so lax that airline safety becomes and oxymoron and the red flags raised are ignored by those who should be protecting us, then it’s time for a major quarantine to keep out anyone with even the hint of a tie to radical Islam.

Don’t allow any more Muslim passengers from Yemen or any Arab nation harboring the enemy. That includes Americans who have left to join those who have sworn to destroy our nation.

How about a simple No-Fly list: No Muslims. I for one do not believe there are any “moderate” Muslims in America. Those here are working to elect their own kind and to change our Judeo Christian based laws to reflect their own Sharia laws.

At one time we rightly sought out communist sympathizers bent on espionage and terrorism—now many of them are governing us.

Wake Up! We have a president who is more concerned with selling America into economic bondage resulting in Socialism than he is in fighting the War on Terror. He’s too busy waging war on the Constitution to seriously be about the business of lifting America up. And his cohorts in the congress are a total disgrace. Greed, corruption, avarice, and self-serving politicians who meet behind closed doors and think they know what is best for us regardless of what the overwhelming majority wants—they are doing great harm from the inside out. It is not a time to simply complain about the gangrenous appendage but a time to amputate.

We can pray that God helps us through this bout with the cancer of terrorism and the festering disease of corruption in Washington.

Yes pray, but get off your butt and let your voice be heard by throwing out the bold faced liars like Pelosi and Reid and yes—the Liar in Chief in charge of Hope and Change.