View Full Version : Federal judge upholds guns-at-work law (Florida)

07-29-2008, 10:47 AM
A federal judge has dealt a major defeat to Florida's business lobby by upholding the main thrust of a new law allowing employees with concealed weapons permits to take their guns to work. The so called "guns-at-work" law was the product of a three-year constitutional clash that pitted the powerful National Rifle Association against equally influential business groups over two basic constitutional concepts: the right of private property and the right to bear arms.snip

Late last month, Disney World Vice President of Public Affairs Shannon McAleavey advised other company executives in a memo that, with a few exceptions, "this law does not apply to Walt Disney World Co. owned and leased properties" because of language in the law that creates an exception for companies whose primary business is to manufacture, use, store or transport explosives regulated under federal law.

Disney guard fired over gun rule sues to get job back
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Disney fired a security guard from Kissimmee over the decision after he said he brought a weapon to work with him but refused to cooperate with company investigators. He has since filed suit against Disney.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle said at a public hearing last month that the law was poorly drafted and "stupid," but he announced in his 39-page order late Monday that Floridians with concealed weapons permits had the right to take their guns to work and leave them locked in their vehicles.