View Full Version : "Upset in Masschusetts? Obama Heckled, Brown Surges And Dems Panic"

01-18-2010, 09:20 AM
Obama’s stump speech yesterday for embattled Mass. Senate wannabee Martha Coakley was interrupted for a full three minutes by a heckler. Adding insult to injury, the 3,000 seat auditorium wasn’t full. Even with the added attraction of Boy Clinton as a draw. And horror of horrors, Obama’s speech seems to have rallied support for Coakley’s opponent.

In a presentation Byron York described as halting, wandering and humorless, Obama tried desperately to rally support for the hapless Coakley to take control of the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. As the much needed 60th vote, a Coakley win is crucial for Obama’s health care bill. Or maybe not.

Preparing for the worst, this weekend Dems signaled their intent to invoke ‘reconciliation’ should they be unable to win (or manipulate a win) in Massachusetts. Invoking reconciliation means only 51 votes would be needed to pass a health care reform bill in the Senate – a health care bill over 60% of Americans don’t want.

Alas, Obama’s trip to Massachusetts may end up having the opposite effect on the race. After hovering at 50/50 odds all day, the traders at Intrade started betting heavily

on a Scott Brown win just after Obama’s speech. Sigh. Intrade is a website where people vote with their money instead of their good intentions. And this morning, Intrade is showing the odds are heavily in favor of Republican Scott Brown.

Public Policy Polling also reports:

Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 51-46 in our final Massachusetts Senate poll, an advantage that is within the margin of error for the poll