View Full Version : "Coakley is another Pelosi Pro Abortion,pro Death Catholic Political Wanabe!"

01-18-2010, 09:48 AM
Coakley Supports Partial-birth Abortion, Taxes for Abortion, Opposes Parent Consent Laws on Abortion

Martha Coakley, the Democrat candidate for Massachusetts' vacant senate seat, supports partial-birth abortion, using taxpayer money for abortion, and even opposes parent consent laws on abortion. This, at least, according to the group Mass Citizens for Life who've been hard at work this
past Sunday in distributing fliers to churches all across Massachusetts, warning Catholics of Coakley's disreputable, anti-life stand on partial-birth abortion, the use of taxpayer money for abortion, and shocking opposition to parental consent laws.

While Massachusetts is a very blue state with registered Democrats outnumbering registered Republicans by 3-to-1, it is also a heavily Catholic state (hmmmm...almost sounds like...an...oxymoron, doesn't it?), and this is where the rub lies. If Coakley's undeniably anti-life record becomes known to a broader number of Catholics—fingers crossed that the aforementioned group succeeded in getting said fliers passed out to as many churches as possible—it could well sway some Democrat-voting Catholics to come over to Scott Brown's side, as he's more pro-life than Coakley.

The Mass Citizens for Life flier handily explains the stark differences in Brown's pro-life stance versus Coakley's constant support for a Culture of Death, as in always choosing abortion over preserving the life of the unborn. Now, like with all good, little Democrats, Coakley's recollection of her past stances—perhaps due to pressure from groups like Mass Citizens for Life bringing her anti-life record to light in the last couple of days—always seems to flip-flop and begin to use denial more than she really ought to. Maybe fellow Massachusetts Democrat John "Flip-Flop" Kerry is related to her?

It never ceases to startle me how many Democrats resort to outright, shameless deception when an election draws near, and they realize their deeply unpopular beliefs contrast with what many Americans actually believe. Take Coakley's stance on partial-birth abortion, just for one.

Realizing that supporting partial-birth abortion—in which a defenseless, helpless, little baby has scissors forced into its tiny head to enable the suctioning out of its skull contents via a catheter—may not go over well with Massachusetts Catholics,
Coakley's begun denying her support of that barbarous procedure. However, an op-ed she wrote in 2007 for the Patriot Ledger makes clear just her support for said barbarous procedure.

Likewise, on to the issue of misusing hard-worked for, taxpayer money for abortions, Coakley—sensing that, oh my God, she could well lose taking such an unpopular stand!—has begun denying her earlier position in support of it! By late December 2009, Coakley had deviously shifted her position to supporting a version of the Senate healthcare bill that restricted abortion, but only earlier in the same month, she actually was on the record as opposing a bill with abortion restrictions! Flip-Flopper Coakley, indeed!!

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