View Full Version : "Let 'Em Eat Cake, Drizzled in a Coulis of Hope..Mark Steyn"

01-18-2010, 03:46 PM
Kathryn, your reader is absolutely right. That's why yesterday's rally was such a bust. If ever there were a time for factory-gates flesh-pressing, this was it.

The last thing Martha/Marcia/Mabel/Whatever Patrick Kennedy's calling her this morning needed was to be up there flanked by the Celebrity-in-Chief, Cabana Boy Kerry doing pick-up truck jokes,

and various idiot Princelings of the House of Kennedy who can't even get her first name right, in front of an under-capacity crowd of out-of-state college students who had no idea who she was.

By contrast, Cliff from Cheers's line about being one of the carpenters who built the stage at Woodstock had a kind of genius about it.

As to "getting the message," Jonah, I'm interested to see that Congressman Weiner subscribes to the Steyn thesis:

Do what's necessary (however openly contemptuous of representative government it is) and shove "health" "care" "reform" down the gullet of the American people

because, notwithstanding the short-term political hit, the long-term gains will be more than worth it.