View Full Version : White House Nightmare Persists (Knives Out Against Rahm Emanuel)

01-22-2010, 11:18 PM
Many believe that Rahm Emanuel, Mr Obama’s aggressive chief of staff, served Mr Obama badly by persuading the president that his election was a transformational moment in US politics that gave him the opportunity to push through long-cherished Democratic goals, such as healthcare reform.

In fact, exit polls from Mr Obama’s election showed that almost two-thirds of the voters cited the economy as their chief concern, with fewer than one in 10 mentioning healthcare. Mr Emanuel is also perceived to have mishandled the day-to-day logistics of getting healthcare through Congress.

“I haven’t seen Rahm Emanuel except on television,” Jim Pascrell, a Democratic lawmaker from New Jersey, told Politico, the news website, on Friday. “We used to see him a lot; I’d like him to come out from behind his desk and meet with the common folk.”

In short, Mr Obama’s nightmare January could easily slip into a nightmare February. “Unless and until the president changes the way his White House, works, things are going to continue to go badly for him,” says the head of a Democratic think-tank. “Heads still have to roll.”

Tough going: Barack Obama at the White House. Speculation is rife about his Treasury secretary

At the end of Barack Obama’s worst week since taking power a year ago, the US president’s fortunes look set only to deteriorate over the coming days.

Following the shock defeat of the Democratic candidate in Massachusetts on Tuesday, a move that deprived the president of his 60-seat super-majority in the Senate and left his legislative agenda in tatters, Mr Obama has just four days to reboot the system.

The US president had originally delayed next week’s State of the Union address to Congress in the hope he would get his signature healthcare reform bill enacted in time.


The death of the healthcare effort would rob Mr Obama of what he had hoped would be the centrepiece of his first State of the Union message.

“It now looks extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get anything resembling a broad healthcare bill out of Congress,” said Scott Lilley, a senior fellow at the liberal Centre for American Progress, the think-tank that is closest to the White House.


01-22-2010, 11:25 PM
I'm almost to the point of taking bets on how much longer Rahm will be around. I give him another 2 months if the seething hate toward 0's policies and dives below the bus to save face for 0.

Last Samurai
01-24-2010, 12:02 PM
What have the Administration's minions been smoking for months? For at least since last Summer, the hot button concerns for the average Joe American has been the Economy, Jobs, the Deficit.... with Healthcare running well below those.

Yet they kept right along plugging for Healthcare, despite ALL Polls, Tea Party protests and a generally adversarial number of opions directed at this dichotomy of Administration efforts.

All it did was expose Obama for what he is..... a President who has not learned that he is now tasked with the concerns of ALL Americans, not just those of the far Left. It is beginning to cost him. We will see more come November unless he changes his tune.

What was it Clinton said after the '94 Congressional "sweeps"? "WE HEAR YOU."

Let's see if Obama is politically astute enough to hear the change of key in his orchestra.


01-24-2010, 01:40 PM
Clinton was a politicion, Obama is a true believer. Clinton knew how to play the folks and massage his message. Clinton knew how to to play the people and he had a down home folksy charm that would get him out tight spots. Clinton knew better.

Obama on the other hand has no idea. Look at his life story. Raised outside of the US and then he has been nothing but a politician pushing forth angendas his whole life. What can he actually say to the public now? He has to turn his back on everything he has ever believed and prop up the very things he has seen as the problem. I don't think he can do it. It is going to get worse for Obama. Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Pelosi (not Reidm he is a natural born idiot) will abandon Obama's sinking ship like rats. They can swim, Obama can't.