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A few months ago in Yellow Sea, China conducted a secret test launch of Julang-2 SLBM, but failed, according to Jan. 25 report by Liberty Times of Taiwan.

The missile with the range of 8,000 km, which can strike U.S. mainland, was mounted on a Golf-class submarine, and launched from underwater. However, after breaking out of water, its booster failed to fire up, and fell back down on the submarine.

The submarine with 83 crews and displacement of 2,880 tons was hit by the missile weighing 10 tons, and was almost sunk. Still it managed to limp back to its base.

Ten years ago, PLAN developed Julang-2 by modifying Dongfeng-31 ICBM, and successfully conducted the surface launch, but a few attempt of underwater launch all failed.

As a result, Type 094(Jin-class) submarine, China's newest model, is so far unable to be equip itself with its own SLBM's, leaving a big hole in China's offensive nuclear capability, according to the newspaper.

They succeeded in the test launch of Julang-1 from Type 092(Xia-class) submarine, hitting a target in Taklamakan Desert, but its range is only 2,000 km and this class of submarine mostly moves within coastal waters, which is why they decided to develop Julang-2.

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My Korean is a little rusty. I'll pass.

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I wanna see this on YouTube!!!! :mad::D

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Ah, the Mighty Chinese Military makes the Fail Blog.

Methinks I detect a chink in their armour.

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Looks like their military hardware is made about as good as every other piece of shit they make and export to the United States...

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I wanna see this on YouTube!!!! :mad::DChinese don't do utube,they hate Google except for what they can steal from them .

Here's how it should be done !
This one looks like the last Russian shot .

I guess with the Russians and now the Chinese unable to manage an underwater launch of an SLBM we are safe for a while longer.At least That is until O'Bummer manages to give away the 'store' to them like Clinton and Kennedy did with our warhead design data .

All during the cold war the Russians had to surface in order to launch their submarine ICBM's as they never were able to work out the problems of an underwater launch .

Once they launched their missiles on the surface they would crash dive for the bottom and evade at high speed expecting an incoming D5 Mirv warhead.

Our satellites were able to detect a launch transient and generate and down link counter battery fire targeting to our Submarine Boomers .

They could launch a 'D5 snap shot at them from half an world away in a few minutes .