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01-29-2010, 11:29 PM
"Well, It Took A While But Here Is Today’s Big Story…

Oh yeah, everybody is walking around scratching their head wondering if today is just going to be another one of those days. You know, where O-what’s-his-name continues to spin the bullshit around and around and around. He just won’t stop campaigning for that fucking goddamn health care crap. My God almighty, somebody needs to take him and just basically decompress his brain and get him functioning so that he doesn’t keep on sounding like he’s some fucking goddamn lunatic.

He went to Tampa and ragged on about health care, and then he went to Baltimore and told a bunch of Republicans that he still believes that health care is our number one issue. And not one single solitary person got up and asked him why he is doing this if nobody gives a fuck about it. Nobody. Nobody gives a fuck if health care costs a lot. Has anybody ever asked whether maybe, just maybe, the problem is that we don’t get to make enough money to pay for it? Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe wages just haven’t kept up with the cost of health care and practically everything else as well. What about old Goldman Sachs and the other investment banks – how about they kick in a little something toward our health care instead of just handing them wads of cash in return for a sick economy.

Oh no. That’s too simple. It ain’t going to happen because the banks have this country by the balls. That’s why no Republican got up in Baltimore and questioned the whole principle of raising the health care issue again. They are feigning disdain for the financial system, including the insurance companies, while basically making it look like they are trying to help everybody. Well, isn’t that just fantastic. Wow, we would never have guessed that one more promise would be broken and we would find out after the fact that the insurance companies paid huge bonuses and took junkets to five star hotels.

The big story today is that all of this media spectacle has been brought to us courtesy of neo-Marxist propaganda, and people are catching on. People are sick and tired of watching this endless, mind-numbing, uninteresting, and wasteful “debate” taking place while others are laughing all the way to the bank. Oops, make that instead that they are laughing inside the bank. The financial “crises” that just took place was the perfect storm for foisting this impostor up on the national stage courtesy of these folks who have cobbled together a world cabal of interlocking global finance. And by interlocking, I mean that they have control of the media and the military-industrial complex and its assorted interwoven corporate boards of directors.

The big news today is that sites like RBO are turning away from showing endless videos of this con artist who calls himself the President. Instead, people are being shown repeatedly how propaganda works and how over the years it seeps into the DNA of ones country in order to control people. The mainstream media has certainly done its job, that’s for sure. They have played off on one another as though they are conservatives and liberals locked in some kind of death match. Erecting straw men, they battle it out to the end while saying nothing to one another of any real substance. Case in point, if the all-hallowed Bill O’Reilly drags that stuttering over-educated Marxist, Dr. Lamont Hill, onto his show one more time then I will never be able to live a sane life. What good does this type of programming do for anyone?

Ah, the key is that it is in fact ‘programming’, i.e., of the brain. That is, we should be always be struggling to overcome our deficiencies of understanding complex situations, which by the way is precisely the kind of complexity that hardly anybody would ever come into contact with at all in their life. Like I have said before, politics is just not my bag. The only reason I follow it is to know what those crazy bastards are up to so that maybe I can get a jump on it and save my ass before they rake it over the coals like they do with everyone else who seems to think that they are really trying to do people some good.

If these politicians were really interested in doing anybody any good then why not just stop stealing our money and then lying about it? How come the chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means committee is a liar and a cheat? And why is the Secretary of the Treasury a tax cheater? And why are these so-called “representatives” taking money from the taxpayers for their own “special needs” (and here’s one I like) “back home”. If I took someone’s money and gave it to somebody I liked better, then wouldn’t that mean that I don’t really like the person who I got the money from as much as the person I want to give it to? And if somebody is actually helping me get away with this, then what does that say about him? He doesn’t care about the people he is helping me take it from any more than me!

Yes, a good set of liars needs a good, tight set of rules of how to lie, and the RBO did what we at TDN decided to do last September, which is to run the videos about the history of political correctness – the few that exist on the Internet, i.e., the few that are really, honestly reliable and informative besides being very timely for understanding how it is that we got into this predicament of not having a pot to piss in while people get up on teevee in front of teleprompters and tell us why we need to think about this, that, and the other, which doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with our predicament. And of course, our predicament is that we’ve been screwed and tattooed, rode hard and put away wet, and hung out to dry. We’ve had every last nickel sucked out of our pockets and left in debt – penniless, and having to work harder for everything.

And of course there are the chronically unemployed, the latest “official” count was something like 10%. Who knows what it is for sure. Basically, the government comes out with some enormous 5%+ GDP increase figure that you can tell they pulled directly from their anus. It just doesn’t make sense that an economy can produce five percent more with 10% less people. Or maybe, this is a teachable moment in that maybe by removing 10% of the population and putting them on welfare for a good long while the rest of us can actually be more productive.

But back to RBO and the point of this article. The bottom line is that you should go over to RBO and take a peek at that stuff. And then contemplate for a moment how many people you might think understands how the indoctrination process has been working on people over the years so that here we are now – a giant herd of sheep being led around by the nose while we sink into an abject abyss of disgust. America’s economy is out of kilter because the minds of its citizens are also out of balance. Years of this indoctrination have yielded a parallel universe living within people’s souls that is based solely upon the notion of repression as a tool for controlling and managing large groups for the perceived betterment of a few. It sure sounds like communism to me, and the boy wonder of this movement is the son of a devout atheist and an absentee father – a man with no past – completely malleable in the hands of anyone else who wants to rely on hope for a future that he himself cannot explain except in terms of a false argument.

This has taken place in America. This is now part of our history. We have succumbed to the most disgusting, vile form of human oppression ever conceived. Communism is not a political ideology but rather a social structure. Keep this in mind as you watch the videos on RBO. Think about how so-called social structures are kept in place by using propaganda. And then think about the statistics, which is that we at TDN get about the same number of hits as David Horowitz’s site, frontpagemagazine. Horowitz, who is feature on one of the videos is a preeminent scholar in the field of neo-Marxism and how it has been woven into American life by way of the universities and through the media. There are comfortably around a couple of million people every year who relate to these concepts. It’s a drop in the bucket in comparison to how many sheeple there are out there, but it’s a damn good start, and hopefully more people will catch on.


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