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02-01-2010, 09:41 AM
Link (http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/obama-abandons-man-to-moon-bid/story-e6frfku0-1225825686330)

US President Barack Obama will today formally propose abandoning plans to return US astronauts to the moon. The move means the President will be ending the costly Constellation next-generation rocket program.

Arguing it must trim spending in tough times, the administration will instead direct NASA to turn to long-range research and development which could eventually lead to a manned space program to Mars, a senior US official said...because he spent it all.

"We are cancelling the program, not delaying it,'' Obama's budget chief Peter Orszag told reporters. The decision will mean NASA will be constrained to low-earth orbits for years to come, and will transform the aspirations of the US space program following the planned retirement of the Shuttle fleet in September.More like wipe them out. That stupid jerk has no idea what he has done..if this shit had been in charge in the 60's we'd have never gotten to the Moon or beyond...handing the space lead to his commie buddies in Russia.

Under the new plan, Obama will also propose boosting the development of commercial rockets and other vehicles that can ferry US astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), an outside US government advisor said.The idea is to leave Earth, you fool. Join up with the EurioWeenies in a tiny space station...and Russia or China will go to Mars :mad:

The Constellation program was launched in 2004 by then-president George W Bush after the Columbia space shuttle mission ended in disaster with the death of all seven crew members in 2003. NASA has faced growing pressure to cut its budget as the US government's debt soars and the United States buckles under the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.It is nothing like the depression you berk...if Obongo hadnt been spending like a drunken sailor NASA would have the funds needed

The agency has also seen dwindling political support, with its White House and congressional paymasters reluctant to fund the type of expensive manned space exploration that saw the agency put 12 men on the moon.Spending it on flying pizza men halfway across the US and millions to Pelosi to fly everywhere on the public tit. :mad:

In the near future I'll start a thread and list the achievements made possible by the space program...as opposed to the pathetic failure of the current US President.

DAMN YOU OBAMA...cant you for one second, get your head out of your ass and get it through that thick skull that the answers we seek are in space and beyond?

There are TWO habitable star systems within a few lightyears, WATER by the trillions of tons in asteroids floating near Jupiter and other planets, precious metals, methane and other gases to fuel starships...and wonders we cannot even begin to comprehend.

If you'd have had your way, you'd have made Columbus an accountant and told Ferdinand Megellan to go home and "get a job". You'd have told the Pilgrims that they were better off at home, been the type to tell Scott, Amundsen and Peary that there was no money to fund their journeys so forget it.....you're shackled by the earthbound mentality and a narrowness of mind, and lack of vision, that is beyond description.

You STUPID, shortsighted, pathetic, useless, half assed excuse for a President.:mad: