View Full Version : "Five in Serious Condition After Brevard County Home Shootout !"

02-02-2010, 03:17 AM
5 Hospitalized After Neighborhood Shootout(FL)

COCOA, Fla. -- Five people were taken to the hospital in serious condition after a shootout outside Brevard County home.Cocoa police say a homeowner noticed four men jumping over his fence on Montclair Road shortly before 1:00pm on Sunday.Officers say the homeowner opened fire on the men to defend his property.

“He challenged them. He told them to get off his property. They continued toward him and shots were fired,” said Barbara Matthews, Cocoa Police Department.The homeowner was also shot in the back during the incident.
Police say the homeowner may have opened fire because of what happened the night before. On Saturday night, a group of burglars had broken into the home while no one was there.


02-02-2010, 03:57 AM
Maybe he opened fire because they jumped a fence, he told them to get off his property and they kept coming at him.

He made a bad mistake though. You don't confront 4 intruders without overwhelming firepower. I don't know what he was carrying but I'll bet they would have gone right back over the fence if they'd been looking down the barrel of a 12ga.

As the man said, "A mans got to know his limitations."