View Full Version : Climategate email leaker may have been found

02-05-2010, 07:07 AM
Link (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100025094/climategate-leaker-finally-revealed/)

The Guardian seems to think it has found the identity of the Climategate leaker: A A scientist at the University of East Anglia has been questioned by detectives *investigating how controversial emails were leaked from the campus’s climate research unit.

Norfolk police have interviewed and taken a formal statement from Paul Dennis, 54, another climate researcher who heads an adjacent laboratory.

Ah a whistleblower...and we all know how much the Left loooooves whistleblowers...

The leaked emails from the head of the unit, Professor Phil Jones, surfaced just before the Copenhagen conference in December and caused a furore because they suggested that data which did not support theories of global warming was being deliberately withheld. Dennis denies leaking the material. But it is understood that his links with climate change sceptic bloggers in North America drew him to the attention of the investigating team, and have exposed rifts within the university’s environmental science faculty.

Dennis refused to sign a petition in support of Jones when the scandal broke. He told friends he was one of several staff unwilling to put their names to the Met Office-inspired statement in support of the global warming camp, because “science isn’t done by consensus”.

University sources say the head of department, Professor Jacquie Burgess, received a letter from Dennis at the height of the email uproar, calling for more open release of data. He appears to have disapproved of the way Jones resisted FoI requests. Dennis’s own research, which dates fluctuating temperatures in ice cores stretching back thousands of years, does not support the more catastrophic current predictions of runaway global warming.

If it is Paul Dennis then the man is a hero and deserves the gratitude of us all. Without Climategate, the AGW scam would not have unravelled nearly so quickly as it has. He has done everyone who believes in truth, scientific integrity, liberty and, indeed, the whole future of Western industrial civilisation a massive favour. If he is prosecuted for this noble and selfless act, it will be a crime as great as any he has exposed.

Oh, and presumably this will put paid to all those articles by stubborn Warmist prats who persist in claiming that the Climategate emails were ‘hacked’ by sinister outside agencies.