View Full Version : "China Warns North Korea of A Potential For Widespread Rebellion"

02-06-2010, 01:05 AM
Bad News For A Police State

China is telling North Korean leaders to deal with their economic problems, before they have to confront a widespread rebellion.

China apparently sees North Koreas' best hope is to cut a deal with the West, to disarm and get massive food and economic aid.

If North Korea does not listen to China, the Chinese are apparently not willing to come up with the needed aid themselves, but will tighten border controls, and hope for the best if North Korea collapses into disorder and civil war.

The currency exchange two months ago did a great deal of economic and political damage. The value of the North Korea currency, even adjusting for the 100:1 exchange rate, has declined against foreign currencies.

A large chunk of capital (cash held by entrepreneurs for investment) has been wiped out, and what little economic growth there has been, has disappeared.

Even the old school communists in the government have noted the public anger, and drop in economic activity. The officials who backed and carried out the currency reform are being removed, one by one.

There is no agreement on how to deal with the economic damage. The communist hard liners in the government wanted to rein in the growing private economy, and they did, only to discover how important that part of the economy was.

While the security services say they have the unrest under control, the unofficial news coming out North Korea tells a different story, one of areas where the police fear to enter, and civilians who fearlessly attack secret police, and other security forces.

It's not just the starving population that is pushing back, but members of the government. South Koreans and foreigners have been shocked of late, to hear North Korea government workers express contempt and disrespect for Kim Jong Il and other senior officials.

Even Kim Jong Il has publically expressed regret over the poor diet of his people. Along with that disrespect comes a growing disregard for the recent orders to shut down public markets and stop using foreign currency.

The government has been forced to backtrack on the markets and foreign currency. The people are ignoring their government up north, which is bad news for a police state.

The North Korean military has ordered many more civil defense drills recently, apparently in an effort to find out how much control they still have over their civilian backups (military reservists, security units and civil defense workers).

The civilians are showing up mainly because the military is often offering food. But the civilians and reservists are not enthusiastic, and the generals are being told to not rely on these civilians too much in an emergency


02-06-2010, 04:32 AM
Chollima and speed battles...and yet the people starve. The major flaw in a command economy.