View Full Version : "Conservative Publisher Andrew Breitbart Tells News Media That They Suck !"

02-07-2010, 12:32 AM
Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart had some harsh words for media members Saturday saying, "It's not your business model that sucks, it's you that sucks."

Addressing the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Breitbart accused the press of "contempt for the American people."

"In order to create the perception that the minority is the majority and the majority is not just the minority, but a bad, racist, homophobic, all those buzzwords that they learned in the freshman orientation class at Wesleyan, are used as weapons to try to destroy you and intimidate you to not speak up and to speak your mind," said Breitbart to an enthusiastic crowd.

"And your days of doing this are over"

When I watched Contessa Brewer on MSNBC raise the question whether or not a protest was racist in which she showed a man have his gun around his chest and his holster.

MSNBC did an entire discussion on are these protests, these gun-wielding freaks, are they racist. Does everybody here know what happened with that photo where they cut the head off?

That was an African-American gentleman. That my friends is not media bias. That is contempt for the American people.

"If you don't start reporting the truth I will organize a protest in New York City on Madison Avenue and you won't be able to escape to the Hamptons for the weekend."