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02-11-2010, 02:44 PM
Can We Start Questioning Global Warming? [Reader Post]

As we go into the final days of Snowpacolypse, Snowmageddon, ar as one hockey blog writer dubbed it, “Keyser Snowze”, it’s time to ask some real questions from the Global Warmongers.

I’ve seen a few reports of journalists claiming that these blizzards are further proof of Climate Change caused by Global Warming. Just to get this straight, when you break down the argument to the most granular level – “The planet is getting colder because it is getting warmer”.

Yes, the same people who make this argument with a straight face are the same who derided Bush as an anti-science idiot.

Just to review some of the developments we’ve seen in the last year:

* Teams heading up to the Arctic to find evidence of GW but are deterred by the cold temperatures
* The EPA admits that its findings on GW are political and not scientific
* Poor methodology used in studies that end up cited as dogma
* Dissenting voices by world leaders are ignored
* The IPCC admits that science does not drive their data
* False claims in UN reports keep appearing
* India, one of the countries that the Thomas Friedman’s of the world are surpassing us in science and technology, establishes its own group to monitor GW because the IPCC is so unreliable
* East Anglia’s falsified data, that is when it was available

This brings me to my question:

What will cause you to question your belief that GW is a man made threat to our existence unless we take radical action? I know you’re not going to turn your back on GW and your belief in it, but all I am asking is where you start questioning?

I know your initial reaction will be to send various articles and studies done by people who have a vested financial interest in promoting GW. Or how about “peer review”? Echo chambers.

Or simply, what will make you question your arguments and start acknowledging the other side’s assertions? You may be asking when I am ready to do the same. I already have.


Are any ready to answer this one?

– I need to right a plagiaristic wrong. When I came up with the three questions from the last link I posted I thought they were original thoughts, when I did not realize until later that my first two points were originally written by Wizbang’s Jay Tea.

I had repeated them so often that I forgot where they originated. The third question is all mine, though.


02-11-2010, 04:19 PM
Using the current snow/cold problems of North America and Europe to demonstrate AGW is pretty ludicrous (these events don't "prove" dramatic cooling, either). The IPCC and it's many lackey agencies were firmly behind the idea that AGW would cause more severe storms during the summer months and shorter, warmer winters in temperate regions. There would be less snowfall, earlier frost-free dates, and later freeze dates. Growing season would be extended. The earlier springs, later falls, and reduced precipitation would impact migratory birds and other wildlife.

This current situation no more "proves" AGW than the reduction of land-based temp monitoring over the past 15 years "proves" it. :rolleyes:

02-11-2010, 08:09 PM
Wouldn't it be a kick if AlGore fell into a big snow bank and froze solid??? ;):D

Then they could melt him in time for the 2010 Hurricane season. :eek:

02-11-2010, 08:55 PM
Who are we to question the scientific genius of Al Gore?