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08-01-2008, 10:53 AM
No Drilling, No Nukes, No Nada!,Dems Against Drilling .Saving the Earth ó from Americaís domestic energy supply........Charles Krauthammer:D

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes lifting the moratorium on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on the Outer Continental Shelf.

She wonít even allow it to come to a vote. With $4 gas having massively shifted public opinion in favor of domestic production, she wants to protect her Democratic members from having to cast an anti-drilling election-year vote. Moreover, given the public mood, she might even lose.

This cannot be permitted. Why? Because as she explained to Politico: ďIím trying to save the planet; Iím trying to save the planet.Ē

A lovely sentiment. But has Pelosi actually thought through the moratoriumís actual effects on the planet?

Consider: 25 years ago, nearly 60 percent of U.S. petroleum was produced domestically.

Today itís 25 percent. From its peak in 1970, U.S. production has declined a staggering 47 percent. The world consumes 86 million barrels a day; the United States, roughly 20 million. We need the stuff to run our cars and planes and economy. Where does it come from?

Places like Nigeria where chronic corruption, environmental neglect and resulting unrest and instability lead to pipeline explosions, oil spills, and illegal siphoning by the poverty-stricken population ó which leads to more spills and explosions.

Just this week, two Royal Dutch Shell pipelines had to be shut down because bombings by local militants were causing leaks into the ground.

Compare the Niger Delta to the Gulf of Mexico, where deep-sea U.S. oil rigs withstood Hurricanes Katrina and Rita without a single undersea well suffering a significant spill.

The United States has the highest technology to ensure the safest drilling. Today, directional drilling ó essentially drilling down, then sideways ó allows access to oil that in 1970 would have required a surface footprint more than three times as large.

Additionally, the U.S. has one of the most extensive and least corrupt regulatory systems on the planet.

Does Pelosi imagine that with so much of America declared off-limits, the planet is less injured as drilling shifts to Kazakhstan and Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea? That Russia will be more environmentally scrupulous than we in drilling in its Arctic?

The net environmental effect of Pelosiís no-drilling willfulness is negative. Outsourcing U.S. oil production does nothing to lessen worldwide environmental despoliation.

It simply exports it to more corrupt, less efficient, more unstable parts of the world ó thereby increasing net planetary damage.

Democrats want no oil from the American OCS or ANWR. But of course they do want more oil. From OPEC. From where Americans donít vote. From places Democratic legislators canít see.

On May 13, Sen. Chuck Schumer ó deeply committed to saving just those pieces of the planet that might have huge reserves of American oil ó demanded that the Saudis increase production by a million barrels a day.

It doesnít occur to him that by eschewing the slightest disturbance of the mating habits of the Arctic caribou, he is calling for the further exploitation of the pristine deserts of Arabia. In the name of the planet, mind you.