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I just dropped by ...

Philippines Chief Justice meets the 3 dwarves


As jobless judge since July 20, 1999, I applied for work but had no luck:


They eliminated me - since they do not like the faces of my 3 mystic holy angels, LUIS, Armand and Angel ...


They will regret it, though, my dwarves will retaliate.

Best wishes to all of you.

Judge who talked to dwarves wants to be chief justice

By Dona Pazzibugan Philippine Daily Inquirer 02/05/2010

MANILA, Philippines—A former trial court judge who was dismissed for consulting “mystic dwarves” during trials has applied for the post of chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Former Malabon Regional Trial Court Judge Florentino Floro Jr. personally submitted his application Thursday with the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) before it closed the filing of nominations for the successor to Chief Justice Reynato Puno, who will retire on May 17.

As he presented his application, Floro made it an express condition that the JBC should submit his name “only to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, that is, not to the next prime minister or president, as the case may be.”

The Supreme Court dismissed Floro from the bench in 2006 after he admitted consulting mystic dwarves named Armand, Luis and Angel during “healing sessions” in his chambers.

In sacking Floro for incompetence and bias, the high court said psychic phenomena had no place in the judiciary. It also called attention to a medical finding that said Floro had psychosis.

In the 26-page application he submitted to the JBC, Floro affixed a photograph of himself with bills of money hanging down his neck and standing beside a toy stuffed dwarf.

Floro, describing himself in the third person, said he was a “visionary and prophet.”

“He has accurately predicted in his ‘Angel of Death’ 1996 and other editions, more than 800 dire prophecies with impeccability. Since 2008, he had been bestowed more than 21 visions and apparitions of May and the Eucharist with vivid images and unequivocal messages duly filed with this Court of last resort,” he said.

He also claimed that he had accurately predicted in writing the downfall of former President Joseph Estrada in 2001, the heart surgery of former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. in 2002 and the Nov. 23, 2009 Maguindanao massacre.

http://cid-e76bfff86f9a213f.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/judge%5E_florentino%5E_floro%5E_Chief%5E_Justice.d oc

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I think you'll get a lot more favorable dwarf exposure in this Forum, friend. ;)

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They obviously make their samovars out of lead over in the Philippines.

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They obviously make their samovars out of lead over in the Philippines.

Jfloro and CU have enjoyed a long and bewildering relationship for many years. :D

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Birds of a feather... Well, you know.

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Hi ginger and ape, for short,

If you examine these 3 threads on judgefloro, you will find that, Marx's dictum - "religion is the opium of the people" applies to Filipinos and even global recession depressed developed countries workers, who found and find refuge in the Spaghetti Monster (Big Daddy in the Sky; especially in the 3 stooges called FloFlo dwarves of James Randi, who, since he depicted Flo2s friends, http://www.randi.org/jr/2006-05/051906sylvia.html#i13, thusly,

is now dying of stage 4 Big C, Poor Randi, and after challenging Flo2 the $ 1 JREF challenge.


Filipino "psychic judge" wants to undergo Challenge!


Even Mr. Jaime T. Licauco, Philippine paranormal expert, who (on Dec 2006), ridiculed Judge Floro's 1st Book at Rex Bookstore, suffered angioplasty on Feb 8 2007 -


DANGER: LICAUCO OUT OF I C U vs. JAMES RANDI vis-a-vis 3 Mystic Dwarves

On January 9 2007 Judge Floro predicted Licauco's fate:


Notice that both Randi and Licauco suffered twin angioplasties on February 2006 and 2007, respectively, as accurately predicted not postdicted by Floflo - so long, this foregoing sentence contains so many Flo2 prophecy. View these long 3 threads on judgefloro -

1. Judge Floro

2. Dwarfs and the Holy Spirit (Judge Floro and Peace Crusader)

Psychic judge dismissed from court because of psychosis

3. Let's never forget Judge Floro

What I am saying to all of yeah, is - here in the Philippines, movies are only for dating, for you need to shed $ 2.50 for a movie pass while joining the El Shaddhai and JIL, Pastor Quiboloy, and other born again rallies in grandstands, is cheaper by dozens, and smoother than cocaine.

Yes, talk about law, and your thread dies. Discuss dwarves and Big Daddy and many would ban you including Wicca fellows who offend atheists and co-Wicca including die-hard skeptics, fanatics, and freaks. This planet is really populated by thirsty religious wanderers and God haters.

IN FINE, prophecy and the dwarves are more interesting than discussing atheism. Why? For Dying is Fun: If you open Judge Floro's Book at say page 399 the PDF one, since the physical was published in 30 libraries here in Philippines on page 357=60, Floro predicted the bypass and lung cancer death of Rod Nazario, husband of Justice Minita Chico Nazario, who wrote Judge Floro's 75 pages Psychosis decision ridiculing the dwarves - Rod Nazario was ousted due to civil case estafa, as Manny Pacquiao's manager-promoter, and because of Floro's curse, Rod Nazario lost $ millions from Pacquiao's coffers.

I found that Skydrive can publish my 1st Book online without censorship here:

Judge Florentino Floro's December 2006 First Book published PDF "World Famous Mystic: Armand, Luis & Angel, The Three Dwarfs MEET The Judge --- Psychic & Healing Martyr of Filipino Justice"


The 1060 pages 2nd Book of Judge Floro is being finished here:



I need to collect fees, first.

My first music album was a sold out in markets, barber shops and even in toilets in UK>



As Adam explains in the interview, he’s always been a musical multi-tasker. The Snare was one of his projects alongside the Manhattan Love Suicides but he’s also played with The Wednesday Club, The What I Wanted To Do’s and Art, Fuck and Death Shit. The Wednesday Club is just about to release the more indiepoppy Katapult on Oddbox Records while Adam has previously released three records under his own name: The Swedish Decapitation Scene (2005), Florentino Floro (2006) and The Dolphin Hotel (2007). We spoke to him in December 2009.

I am not filing a case for copy vio and I will not ask for royalty since my 3 dwarves are too wealthy ...

Can you buy one so that you can post the image here and I will blog it?

Contact Miller please....

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Hi ginger and ape, for short,

If you examine these 3 threads on judgefloro, you will find that, Marx's dictum - "religion is the opium of the people" applies to Filipinos and even global recession depressed developed countries workers, who found and find refuge in the Spaghetti Monster (Big Daddy in the Sky; especially in the 3 stooges called FloFlo dwarves of James Randi, who, since he depicted Flo2s friends, http://www.randi.org/jr/2006-05/051906sylvia.html#i13, thusly,

Wait what? It looks like someone threw a dictionary into a blender then threw the resulting confetti into that post! Am I missing some sort of joke or something?

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Man....and I thought Truthers were the biggest loonies..:eek:.

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Good to see you again Judge Floro, thanks for the update.

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February 19
LUIS' all-yellow (all fans of NoyNoy Aquino for President) dozens of dwarves were ready with me to go to their Fiesta.


Death of 3 year old, February 19, 2010, due to black dwarf's mysterious bacteria infection.

Elias Zaldua & Norbert Genova [(054)-511-8311, Camambugan, Libmanan, Camarines Sur, Bicol] telephoned/SMS me asking advice on the horrible mysterious bacteria disease death of the latter's 3 year old Kaira Mae this 1 am for she allegedly killed a black dwarf living front their house per a magtaTAWAS (quack doctor-herbolaryo) findings. Her body has not yet (as of this 3 pm) set rigor mortis. They will offer food and ask pardon from the black dwarves amid LUIS promise to fight these blacks.


Friday, April 25, 2003
Man dies after 'offending' hostile ansisit

BONTOC, Mt. Province -- Unfriendly ansisit (dwarves) felt offended when a man burned a colony of black ants under a Balite tree allegedly inhabited by them. Shortly after the burning, the man met a tragic death. Native Igorots, who believed in the existence and power of ansisit, concluded it was a form of retaliation by the invisible creatures.

This unusual demise of a villager involving ansisit belonging to the unseen world was confirmed by video-cameraman Edward Sacgaca of the Philippine Information Agency and a native of Gonogon, Bontoc, Mt. Province, where the incident happened late March this year. Incidentally, Sacgaca was the one who hired the man to continue the stonewalling of his farmland at Sitio Palinga-aw where the Balite tree was located. He declined to identify the hired laborer as it involves evil spirits. Nobody knows that the Balite tree inside the farmland of Sacgaca is the abode of hostile ansisit. Read more ...


Bb. Pilipinas 2010 contestants show skin and smiles to the press at the Sofitel in Pasay City on Thursday.


Judge Florentino V. Floro, LUIS, Armand and Angel: Philippine Dwarves meet the Prophet
Monday, December 21, 2009
Judge "Florentino Floro (2006)," LUIS, Armand and Angel meet The Medusa Snare: Adam John Miller; Influence beyond Borders

D. LUIS, Armand and Angel - Influence beyond borders: Experience and Knowledge .471-522


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Judge Florentino Floro Eyes Chief Justice Post

Done for yeah! Some are just too excited to view the Prophecy contained in the TV video. The Feb 4 video was just uploaded and released yesterday Feb 26 3pm Philippines time. Hence, forthwith, I uploaded it thru KeepVid download. Then, I had to watch the races, http://www.manilajockey.com/ thus I am able to translate only this 5pm Saturday beautiful Philippines.

Most of us skeptics do not know trance. If you watch the video carefully, and replay it, I, an Ateneo Second Honors, would not commit a grammatical error on TV, but due to trance, the word SHE for President Gloria Arroyo was changed by the dwarves to HE, to wit:

Judge Floro "xxx in the end, HE (referring to First Gentleman Mike Arroyo who suffered Feb 18 vehicular accident) would be ... he would SUFFER." 2:04 to 2:09 minutes of the YouTube video.

Remember that I did predict this repeatedly in HK Standard - since 2001 to Sept 2006 that President Arroyo would survive her political battles but would be badly hurt NO TIME frame in the end ...

http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=30&art_id=26375&sid=9641493&con_type=3 "Florentino says he predicted Joseph "Erap" Estrada's presidential downfall and prayed that present incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would survive her endless political battles. Looking ahead, he reckons Arroyo's power will end soon and the nation will suffer as a result."

I predicted the repeated physical OMEN on this like FG Mike Arroyo's Benguet plane crash hurting, his aortic aneurysm surgery, 5 bullets for Mikey Arroyo and last Feb. 18 or 14 days after I did utter the prediction, Mike Arroyo was - hurt -


Mike Arroyo escapes serious injury in car accident Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 21:34:00 02/18/2010 MANILA, Philippines—First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo was slightly hurt in a vehicular accident en route to the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City Wednesday morning, his lawyer said Thursday night. "He had a bump on his head,'' his lawyer Ruy Rondain, who learned of the accident on Thursday, told the Inquirer by phone. "It's no big deal. There's nothing to be alarmed about.'' Arroyo was aboard his vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, when it hit a post after avoiding another vehicle on his way to play golf, Rondain said. The lawyer could not say where the accident happened. When she learned of her husband's injury, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo "insisted that he undergo a check-up'' at a hospital, according to Rondain.

So much for that. For non-lawyers, here, suffice it to say that my landmark filing of the Chief Justice application was for a valid legal reason to prevent a vaccuum or hiatus thusly


Oh my God. I looked so old and dilapidated in the video, coz,
my 2 maids did a revolution since Jan 4 and I could hardly find a domestic helper to wash the clothes of my dwarves. So, I had to do the printing, xerox and filing with the Manila S Court, the voluminous pleadings filed with 35 offices including the Press. Look at my shirt, look at my hair, all torn. But there is no gain without pain. Go get now FULLY translated.


Note that the 1st book PDF was edited and finished by myself in just 2 weeks for Dec 2006. But the 2nd Book 1020 pages had been edited by me since Jan 2007 and 80% finished last year, and last Nov. put into blogs for images, but still 60% finished. If you like, you can view and copy my not yet so finished (grammar, spelling, etc.) book last edited last Nov.




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May I politely ask you what the fuck it is you are smoking? :eek:

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