View Full Version : The dismembered body of a 17-year-old British girl has been found in a suitcase

08-01-2008, 07:12 PM
British girl's mutilated body found in suitcase in Brazil

The dismembered body of a 17-year-old British girl has been found in a suitcase dumped in a river in Brazil.
His mobile telephone allegedly contained images of her cut-up remains including one with her decapitated head placed on top of her body in the style of a Taliban execution video.

Cara Marie Burke, from London, was allegedly murdered by her Brazilian boyfriend who then took photographs of her mutilated remains on his mobile phone before going out to a party.
The boyfriend, Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho Santos, has been arrested and police said he confessed to the gruesome crime in the central city of Goiania, 120 miles from the capital Brasilia.

The pair had lived in London until three months earlier where Cara had played football for the Chelsea ladies team. Police believe Carvalho dos Santos was in the UK illegally and wanted to marry Cara so he could get British citizenship. He is alleged to have killed her to stop her telling members of his family, who also live in London, that he had been taking cocaine.

A spokesman for the public security secretariat in Goias state said: "The crime has signs of premeditation. He called Cara to his apartment, put the music on high volume and killed her with knife blows. He then took her body to the bathroom and then he went off to a party. It was only the following day he dismembered the girl's body.

"He took various photos of the chopped-up body with his cellphone's camera, including photos like those of the Taliban." Her torso was found in the suitcase in the Meia Ponte river on Tuesday and pictures of it were later broadcast on an international Brazilian channel.

Members of Cara's family recognised her from a tattoo she had saying "Mum".

After his arrest Carvalho dos Santos allegedly told police he put the arms, legs and head in a separate bag that he threw in the river in a different location.


She had visited Brazil twice before and was staying with friends. Her mother Anne Marie is on her way to Brazil. A police source said: "He was in the UK illegally and it's probable that he was interested in getting married in order to allow him to stay in the UK."