View Full Version : Georgia Power Asks Regulators to Approve Nuclear Power Units

08-01-2008, 11:10 PM
Georgia Power asked Georgia utility regulators to approve its request to build two, 1,102 MW nuclear generating units at the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant. Its share of the plant would be between $4.4 billion and $6.6 billion. The regulatory body is expected to rule on the proposal in March 2009. Georgia Power also informed the PSC that it is in the final stages of evaluating the conversion of Plant Mitchell, an older coal-fueled power plant, to burn biomass wood. If approved, this plant would be one of the largest wood biomass plants in the United States. Georgia Power expects to complete this analysis in late August.

"We must add large-scale base load generation to meet Georgia's growing energy needs," said Mike Garrett, Georgia Power president and CEO. "Additional nuclear energy capacity will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, at a time when fossil fuel prices are increasing significantly."

Georgia Power also asked regulators to approve the costs of a study to assess new coal generation as an alternative to nuclear. And it sought approval of a method to address cost adjustments associated with changes in commodity costs during construction.

A solar research project, renewable energy, energy efficiency and demand response programs to meet between 11 to 18 percent of future resource needs over the next 10 years rounded out the company's supply-side regulatory filing.

Georgia Power said its portion of the cost of Vogtle units 3 and 4 is expected to be $6.4 billion without "construction work in progress" (CWIP) in the rate base for consumers to pay. With CWIP included, the utility's cost of the nuclear power units is estimated to be almost $2 billion lower.

08-01-2008, 11:11 PM
More nukes NOW!!!