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08-03-2008, 10:15 AM
Why The Left is Unpatriotic and Why the Right Should Say So

Most conservative political commentators tiptoe around the unpatriotic positions maintained by many liberals in America. We hear prominent conservatives say things like this, "I am not challenging Mr. Liberal's patriotism. I am challenging his point of view."

The fact is that much of the new left is unpatriotic. And that is okay. The Founding Fathers knew that not all Americans would be patriots; in fact, they counted on it. In this article I will show why the culture of the left is not patriotic. My basic contention is that patriotism is now the responsibility of the right -- abandoned by the left. I will use stories and photographs from this year's Oregon Country Fair to help make the point.

The Oregon Country Fair is held every July on a large private plot of land about fifteen miles west of Eugene, Oregon. Nearly 50,000 people attend the three-day event. The fair is a celebration of environmentalism and left-wing politics.

When I drove onto the fairgrounds, I noticed that the six or seven parking lots were jammed with thousands of good old American gas guzzling SUVs. My wife and I tried to find a hybrid vehicle in our parking lot. We walked passed hundreds of cars and spotted only two hybrids. Nevertheless, the very first exhibit at the fair was this:

I could almost taste the deep fried hypocrisy.

One of the first things I observed was the absence of the American flag at the fair. As you can see, there are plenty of flags at the fair's entrance. Not one of them is the Stars and Stripes.

I walked around the nearly 300-acre site for two days and did not see one properly presented American flag. I did spot this "flag." It is the backdrop for the main stage of the fair.

My interpretation of this "work of art" is that the Stars and Stripes is consumed by a giant yin-yang ball of flame and is, in the process, transformed into a cloudy sky.

America was openly mocked and criticized at the Oregon Country Fair. Posted prominently in one of the clearings is the fair's "Pledge of Allegiance."

Over forty guest speakers were invited to this year's fair. Some of them were highly critical of the U.S. None of them advertised themselves as pro-American. Here are sketches (taken directly from the official "Spoken Word Schedule") of some of the speakers' topics and backgrounds:

"Julie Daniel, aka ‘The Goddess of Garbage', is Executive Director of BRING, the non-profit agency that's taken your stuff and sold it back to you for more than three decades. Under Julie's direction, BRING is reinventing itself to meet the community's needs for the next 30 years."
"Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is Oregon's second-highest ranking constitutional officer. Bill was one of 50 participants in Al Gore's Climate Change training sessions and has given over 110 presentations." [I had always wondered what a Secretary of State's job was.]
"Wren Davidson is an herbalist, gardener and earth minister. She co-founded Women's Herbalist Conference."
"Tim Hermach established ‘Zero Cut' to protect the nation's forest from the Forest Service which has become a servant of the corrupt timber industry at the taxpayer's expense."
"Johnny is a trainer focused on cultural competency in areas of gender, race, socio-economic, disability and other spheres of diversity."
"Annie Leonard has been investigating factories and dumps around the world. Annie's most recent project, the ‘Story of Stuff' (see it on YouTube), explores the global materials economy and the impact of consumerism on economy, environment and health."
"Jane Bates is unabashedly an activist of the tallest order. When the U.S. invaded Iraq she transformed from a cover artist to a singer songwriter and took up her pen to take on the war."
"Sara Rich is a social worker, doula and family therapist. She is a member of Courage to Resist, Military Families Speak Out and CODEPINK. Sara is also a part of the management team for the Oregon Country Fair."

And so on.

I listened to a few of these speakers. One young man, who fancied himself a poet, said in his speech,

America is in

A constant state of war.

It keeps the rich, rich --

And it keeps the poor, poor.

He then looked sternly at the audience of one hundred or so people in the small amphitheatre and claimed,

"I could be tasered and beaten and thrown in jail for saying this."

But instead of a tasering, a beating, or spending a few days in county, the young poet received a standing ovation.

The Oregon Country Fair is an excellent example of the culture of the left in today's America. This is not a culture that favors middle-class capitalism or the traditional form of American patriotism. It is a culture seeking a one-world government, a primitive socialist economic system, a low-tech manufacturing infrastructure, and a religion that worships nature instead of God.

One of the workers at the fair summed up this position with the slogans on his clothing:[i]


08-03-2008, 10:17 AM

We m-u-s-t stop letting ourselves be intimidated and simply declare without fear what we all know is true about the left: their enemy sympathies, their socialist goals, and yes, their hatred of America, which indeed makes them unpatriotic (and is the core reason they are on the left in the first place!). Pretending the left is "patriotic" insults our own intelligence, and gives a dangerous moral sanction to their dream of destruction.

This isn't entirely on point, but one of the nation's top law enforcement officials, FBI Director Robert Mueller, advocates a total ban on private ownership of guns. A 100% ban on any type of guns. Such pronouncements that are counter to a public servant's oath to uphold the constitution should be cause for his immediate dismissal. I find it to be absolutely unpatriotic, and I hear nothing from the practically non-existent "Right".
People of power on the right are pretty much quiet about important things and that disturbs me. Are there files or are there "gentlemen's agreements"? What, what?
When so many Americans are being fed and housed by others that pay taxes they do not care that Bill Clinton sold our nuclear guidance systems to China for campaign cash. That he alone made oral sex in our schools far more prevalent than it ever should be. That he and his wife made lying so acceptable to so many.
All these Americans want is the government to provide all their needs. America its self is not important to them.
Years ago I heard an interview with Ronald Reagan in which he was saying how polls would show American majorities supported various platforms of the Republican Party but for some reason nobody was getting them to understand that---needless to say, this was before he was elected president.
A caller to a radio station said he questioned his die-hard-dimocrat father about various issues and when he agreed with all of them, pointed out to his astonished father that he just endorsed the Republican Party platform.
Watch how defensive they are on the subject and you know a never has been hit.
Excellent read -- insightful comments. Ever since I began posting here, we've grown bolder and more articulate in stating what is True, and have exposed 'pc' writers as frauds. Why are 'people of power on the right - pretty much quiet about important things'? Perhaps they prefer power over Truth. Perhaps they are deceived. Perhaps they are scared. Perhaps they are weak. Perhaps there are files, as #2 writes.

Whatever the reason, Larrey Anderson is right. “First, it is our obligation, as conservatives and as the champions of individual freedom, to allow the left to pursue its utopian socialist vision. Second, it is our duty, as patriotic Americans, to stop them from achieving their goal.”

The ‘our’ he speaks of is us. It is OUR obligation to hold OUR politicians to task. That is what we are attempting to do at Lucianne.com .
what is your source? If it's true, he should be fired.
I believe the Right has been intimidated mostly because the MSM is still so very powerful, despite gains in new media. The MSM still control the tone and tenor of almost all public discourse, in which actual treason by Democrats is called "concern for human rights", socialism is depicted as "concern for the poor" etc and if you try to call them on anything they immediately place the suspicion (or worse) of Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, Islamophobe or just plain Mean Guy on your forehead, and our political "leaders" are just too scared of that happening to them. So they play along and pretend the left has good intentions and it's only "differences of opinion." Like heck it is. Sadly, W has not exactly been a leader in this regard. The New Tone is quite the opposite of speaking the truth about the left.

The 2008 campaign has taught us just how weak new media is compared to the MSM. I don't know what the solution is.

It mentions Bill Clinton popularizing oral sex and that reminds me that the latest Readers Digest has an article about that which says that oral sex is bringing about oral cancer, something that used to be rare. The author has suffered from cancer of the tongue and endured agonies. Check it out. And, on point, yes the left is unpatriotic and we should stop knuckling under.
Those photos were excellent illustrations of the point. Good piece, thanks for posting.

Dittos #6, I would like a source too.

I have never heard that about Mueller. Is this really true? How could he have that position? Wow. If true, that is very scary. I am a longtime member of the NRA and don't recall ever hearing or seeing that in their newsletters, stories, etc. As far as patriotism, I am proud to say that I threw a Barack worker off my property during the NH Primary. At the time, this worker would not defend Obama's stance on not wearing a flag pin or pledging allegiance to the flag. Not a word. Now, of course he is Mr. Patriotism. What a commie he truly is and a complete phony.


Reply 12 - Posted by: spincut, 8/3/2008 7:33:17 AM

It's one thing to be young and stupid, like many liberal kids. It's another, and a much worse thing, to be mature and still be anti-American, like most of the MSM and many dim politicians. Remember after 9/11, many fellow travelers held their nose and pretented to support the war on terror, but it was only a matter of months or even weeks before they were fighting Bush about unionizing airport security, and after that the gloves were off. It doesn't matter whether you are just a useful idiot or Michael Moore, the effect is the same. I couldn't agree more, we should not be afraid to point out unpatriotic actions and policies.
Sitting here waiting for my ride to the airport and could not help but respond to the article...Another poster refers to our 'leaders(?) on the Right'and I have to ask, just who would these 'leaders(?) be exactly?

With the exception of one or two of 'our' elected officials, we have no real leaders, but then neither does the other side. What we have is a closed co-ed fraternity/sorority that should call itself 'The Organization of the Esteemed Colleagues'.

Our side does not seem to realize that while their opposite number is referring to them as one of their 'esteemed colleagues' they are standing behind them peeing on their leg and then telling them that it is raining.

We don't only have an election coming up in November, we have another chapter in the fight for Liberty in this country and our sides elected officials had better adopt a 1776 attitude and start acting like the people we thought we elected, or we are in deep doo-doo.

The real American people can only stomach so much of this 'bi-partisanship' that exists now, where our party is the only participant...The Republican House and Senate needs to wake up.
I've been Googling for #1's quoted Mueller comment and I cannot find it. He was unhappy with the Supreme Court ruling and said the states would now have to assume safety responsibility but I could not find any statement similar to what #1 says about Mueller.

Maybe a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation?
RE:That first picture in article "Powered by straight vegetable oil" - Memo to at home fuel makers; If the local, state and federal bureaucrats find out they will appear at your door demanding their gas taxes – past, present and future.


08-03-2008, 10:19 AM
More Comments:
The looney left of center in the US and abroad (including all the Blame America first crowd ) all want Sen. Obama to be elected President in the worst way. I am going to vote for Sen. McCain in November and now expect him to win in a close election. Why? Take one example...Sen. Obama voted against US Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito...while Sen. McCain voted for Roberts and Alito...and Thank God Sen. McCain did !

So it is our job as conservative to mock and deride these people as the hypocritical (these fools have the balls to drive SUVs??) communists they are. It's my duty as a patriot, and I shall do it with relish.

Excellent posts, all. This is in no way criticism but something #6 said about Ldotters getting bolder in expressing their views since he started posting itches.

I would like to assure all newcomers that Ldotters have been boldly expressing their views for a long time. Old timers will recall Standing Wolf, among many others.

Funny, but understandable, I guess, how people, left and right, see the world through the prism of their own existence. .........................................

Actually, I don't believe that the left is "unpatriotic". I believe they are seditious traitors. Unpatriotic implies passivity and nonparticipation in normal, patriotic behavior. That is NOT what we now see in the left.

They lie. They sabotage. They subvert. They openly aid our enemies and are hostle to our allies. They spit on and try to humiliate our military.

Is that JUST "unpatriotic"? No it isn't. It's traitorous. I'm not staying quiet about it any more.
Alot of great posts here. Well thought out and to the point. But, I can't help feel that violent confrontation is the only solution. Arrest and prosecute treasonous politicians is the first step.

FBI Director Says Right To Own Guns May Harm Safety Efforts
Jul 22, 2008 42 PM
FBI Director Robert Mueller criticized the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, saying it may harm efforts to deter violent crime.
( I pulled this from the website securitysolutions.com. Obviously Mr Mueller has a problem with the 2nd Amendment.

I think #24 has a reasonable grasp of our current situation. He stated the problem in a concise, rational manner and offers a decent solution.

Being a native Texan, I might be a little bit more confrontational...

I believe, from knowing many, some democrats are habitual democrats. They are simply democrat because pappy and g'pappy were. They don't not understand to where this modern democrat party has drifted. I think that most decent hard working Americans are basically patriotic and flush with Americanism. Rom what they've been told the mostly left wing denigrated "Rush Limbaugh" or "FOX News" is just right wing pap and smear.

WE are in very dangerous times when the left has garnered so much power from the lies and obfuscation and imbue hatred for GOD and this country that they spread like black soot over a white blanket until it cannot no longer be ascertained as to what color that blanket was in the beginning. So it is now called gray by political consensus and that is what is being done to our constitution, our culture our morals, our Christianity and our Patriotism. It all has been seemingly replaced by greed and avarice and alley cat like morals and a coarseness that is hard to reckon with. We should be all standing and screaming the truth...but no one seems to care to listen any more!

08-04-2008, 03:17 AM
and a religion that worships nature instead of God.
Whats wrong with that? And why does this guy feel it necessary for everyone around him to believe the exact same thing he does?

Not much of a patriot to be saying things like that...

08-04-2008, 06:23 AM
Whats wrong with that? And why does this guy feel it necessary for everyone around him to believe the exact same thing he does?

Not much of a patriot to be saying things like that...

We could start with worshipping the created instead of the Creator but let's not get into that. You are free to worship the Flying Purple Spaghetti Monster if you are so inclined. You may also feel free to book your trip to Hell, but hey, freedom of choice and beliefs you know?

As for the last part, the issue is WHAT is believed not that they have to believe in the same things. :cool:

08-04-2008, 02:29 PM
Haha, I'll believe in things I can prove.

08-04-2008, 03:21 PM
Haha, I'll believe in things I can prove.

Then you must believe in your own stupidity.