View Full Version : "U.S. Promises Arabs it Will Halt Israeli Building in East Jerusalem ??"

03-13-2010, 10:03 AM
Report: U.S. promises to halt Israeli building in East Jerusalem ??

A Palestinian official told the newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi Saturday that U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell promised Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that the U.S. will bring a halt to Israeli building in East Jerusalem.

"In a telephone conversation, Mitchell said the U.S. would make sure Israel stops building in the area," the Palestinian official told the London based Arabic daily newspaper.

he U.S. has recently expressed frustration over Israel's announcement on Tuesday of new settlement construction, a move that deeply embarrassed visiting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and imperiled U.S. plans to launch indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

In an interview with CNN aired Friday night, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Israel's announcement of new construction of homes in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem was "insulting" to the United States.

"I mean, it was just really a very unfortunate and difficult moment for everyone

-- the United States, our vice president who had gone to reassert our strong support for Israeli security -- and I regret deeply that that occurred and made that known," Clinton said during the CNN interview.


03-13-2010, 12:43 PM
Hilary and Joe Biden can promise anything they want. An n instant messenger conversation I had with a Kuwaiti of student age makes clear, despite the lack of venom in the conversation, that the cause of the "Palestinians" is a chimera, a fake cause. This dispute is not about East Jerusalem, or the Palestinians. It is about Israel's existence.

K+Converstion with Kuwaiti
Kuwaiti(07:53:52 PM): Lol, theyre like the radical jews, the ottoman empire occupied the place when jews arent there, so literally they left the place, after the fall of the ottoman empire there was the mufti of jerusalem (muslim) who had british mandate, when ww2 ended, and jews came along and settled the place, british mandate backed off and jews attacked palestinian people and took the land
Kuwaiti(07:54:27 PM): long story short, they invaded palestine
JBG (07:56:03 PM): I see it differently. The Ottomans physically ruled but, not having the resources to develop sold teh land to the Jews
JBG (07:56:27 PM): The Jews made it a garden spot but the Arabs don't want any non-arabs there
Kuwaiti(07:56:53 PM): the ottomans were muslim
JBG (07:57:16 PM): I know. they had the rule ove the land but no people for it
Kuwaiti(07:57:37 PM): palestinians
Kuwaiti(07:58:02 PM): it was a city
JBG (07:58:03 PM): there actually weren't very many there
Kuwaiti(07:58:45 PM): its the most precious land in the world religion wise
JBG (08:04:57 PM): I just wonder given how little land Israel has why they can't be left alone
Kuwaiti(08:06:00 PM): one of the three holy sites in islam is in jerusalem
Kuwaiti(08:06:44 PM): the two state solution is fine for me
JBG (08:09:03 PM): but Israel lets the Muslims use it freely. not so the other way around
Kuwaiti(08:09:26 PM): nope they dont let them use it freely
Kuwaiti(08:09:36 PM): its burned since when?
Kuwaiti(08:10:04 PM): the jews burned the mosque inside out
JBG (08:10:13 PM): if you wanted to go there yocertainly could
Kuwaiti(08:10:30 PM): Lol proof?
Kuwaiti(08:10:42 PM): wait
Kuwaiti(08:10:43 PM): no
Kuwaiti(08:11:38 PM): they cud use it freely but NOT for palestine
Kuwaiti(08:11:51 PM): and im not sure if thats true^
JBG (08:12:14 PM): When Jordan and Egypt had certain lands they certainly didn't turn it over to the palestinians
Kuwaiti(08:13:15 PM): jordan trys to control the west bank but egypt? wth?
Kuwaiti(08:13:51 PM): what did egypt do?
JBG (08:13:53 PM): gaza
Kuwaiti(08:13:58 PM): no
Kuwaiti(08:14:02 PM): they AID gaza
JBG (08:14:12 PM): they had gaza 1948-67
Kuwaiti(08:16:12 PM): arabs are against israel not thereselves
JBG (08:17:14 PM): so what you're sayingis Arab rule for Palestinians is OK but notJewish rule?
Kuwaiti(08:17:54 PM): muslim arab rule yes.
Kuwaiti(08:19:30 PM): if theyre the same why the arabs couldnt rule
Kuwaiti(08:19:33 PM): ?
JBG (08:19:57 PM): if they're the same why can't Palestinians be absorbed into other Arab countryies?
Kuwaiti(08:20:36 PM): its an islamic holy site we wouldnt let it go without a fight to our death
JBG (08:21:39 PM): but when the Arabs held the holy sites before June 1967 they still felt it necessary to right Israel to the death for some reason
Kuwaiti(08:22:18 PM): right israel to the death? what do u mean
JBG (08:22:28 PM): Fight I mean
JBG (08:22:32 PM): compt is freezing
Kuwaiti(08:22:59 PM): Lol
Kuwaiti(08:23:13 PM): theres masjid al aqsa and the dome of the rock
Kuwaiti(08:23:20 PM): theyre both different
Kuwaiti(08:23:33 PM): masjid il aqsa is forbidden to use
JBG (08:23:43 PM): those were both under Muslim control pre-1967
Kuwaiti(08:23:44 PM): its what we want
Kuwaiti(08:23:55 PM): u mean 1948
JBG (08:24:31 PM): no between 1948 and 1967
Kuwaiti(08:25:05 PM): No between those dates, israel declared itself a state
Kuwaiti(08:25:32 PM): and palestines city was quickly set up to be gaza
JBG (08:26:08 PM): but the State of Israel didn't inclue Al Aksa or the Dome of the Rock
Kuwaiti(08:26:17 PM): ooooh u mean the west bank
Kuwaiti(08:26:23 PM): i thought u said palestine
Kuwaiti(08:26:55 PM): 1948-1967 it was controlled by jordan
JBG (08:28:16 PM): right and jordan still felt the need to attack Israel in 1967
JBG (08:28:28 PM): thus costing those areas Muslim control
Kuwaiti(08:29:38 PM): it was in muslim control king hussein wanted to reapproch with peace for israel to develop
JBG (08:30:34 PM): How hard is it for Muslim worshipers now to go to the Dome of the Rock or Al Aksa mosque?
Kuwaiti(08:31:57 PM): well now its in jewish control and muslims do not want to go to israel and the al aqsa mosque is burned down nobody can pray there
JBG (08:32:41 PM): when did it burn down?
JBG (08:33:19 PM): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Aqsa_Mosque
JBG (08:35:56 PM): when did it burn?
Kuwaiti(08:36:05 PM): hold on
Kuwaiti(08:37:05 PM): nope it was a threat sorry http://www.imemc.org/index.php?obj_id=53&story_id=56670
JBG (08:38:04 PM): anyone who threatens a place of worship deserves their own place in hell
Kuwaiti(08:38:26 PM): well its still under threat
Kuwaiti(08:39:06 PM): "Yet, Israel ignored the resolution as it did with every single resolution regarding the Palestinian-Israeli and Arab-Israeli conflict."
JBG (08:39:12 PM): I guess areas like Sdirot are not under threat of missle attacks
Kuwaiti(08:39:48 PM): iran knows the weakpoints of israel
Kuwaiti(08:40:52 PM): In 1979, a group of 40 extremist Jews attempted to break into the mosque and yet they were all acquitted by an Israeli court.
Kuwaiti(08:41:39 PM): you can see why arabs wouldnt desire a jewish rule
JBG (08:44:53 PM): but how many jews are allowed to live in kuwait?
Kuwaiti(08:45:09 PM): a trillion
Kuwaiti(08:45:23 PM): but there is as little as 30 jews
Kuwaiti(08:45:29 PM): i guess
Kuwaiti(08:45:53 PM): but the record i know of is 300 jews in 1920
Kuwaiti(08:51:05 PM): r u a jew?
JBG (08:51:42 PM): yes
Kuwaiti(08:51:55 PM): hah i knew it
JBG (08:52:17 PM): I respect Islam and I hope you respect Judaism
Kuwaiti(08:52:28 PM): I do
JBG (08:53:06 PM): And I wish more Muslims ad an open mind abotu Israel. As allies we cold be powerful
Kuwaiti(08:53:54 PM): both are showing bad examples, i hope that happens
JBG (08:54:17 PM): But I want peace, not a houdna
Kuwaiti(08:54:32 PM): houdna?
JBG (08:55:06 PM): look it up. it's the temporary peace Mohamed gave to reload and re-arm
Kuwaiti(08:57:18 PM): situation is, currently palestine is heading for one state solution, but considering 2 state solution , iran can back both solutions for the palestinians
JBG (08:58:20 PM): you mean getting rid of Israel for one state?
Kuwaiti(08:58:29 PM): yep
JBG (08:59:04 PM): why would you or any people of good will want that?
Kuwaiti(08:59:11 PM): palestine is the brain and iran is the muscles
Kuwaiti(08:59:23 PM): i ddnt say i wanted that
Kuwaiti(09:00:06 PM): Kuwaiti(04:06:44 AM): the two state solution is fine for me
Kuwaiti(09:00:16 PM): i posted that earlier
JBG (09:01:40 PM): oh ok

03-13-2010, 12:51 PM
So Obama thinks he can tell a country how to run itself? Wow. If I were Israel I'd tell Obama to stick it up his ass.

03-13-2010, 01:00 PM
So Obama thinks he can tell a country how to run itself? Wow. If I were Israel I'd tell Obama to stick it up his ass.They will.

The Arab countries by their actions will tell him the same thing.