View Full Version : Joe Lieberman: The Democrats' Worst Enemy

08-03-2008, 09:00 PM
Joe Lieberman is enemy number one in the Democratic Party, at least among the netroot base which now appears to pull the strings. The netroots rounded up more than 45,000 signatures on a petition to strip him of his position as chair of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees. As Robert Novak reported, Harry Reid is mulling over whether to kick Lieberman out of the Democratic caucus entirely if he speaks at the Republican convention on John McCain’s behalf.

By championing the surge, advocating for a robust national security, warning of the dangers of Iran’s state sponsorship of terror and nuclear development and lecturing his party on their errant ways, Lieberman has made himself into a major thorn in the Democrats’ side. When he invokes Democratic presidents of the past like FDR, Truman and Kennedy, his Democratic colleagues squirm. He hopes to reform his party and lead them back from the precipice of McGovernism and international retreat, but they aren’t much interested in that. They’re all in thrall to the MoveOn.org types.