View Full Version : 3 out of 4 climategate data sets irrevocably tainted.

Constitutionally Speaking
03-13-2010, 01:57 PM
NASA’s temperature data is so woeful that James Hansen’s colleague Reto Ruedy told the USA Today weather editor:

“My recommendation to you is to continue using … CRU data for the global mean [temperatures]. … “What we do is accurate enough” — left unspoken: for government work — “ we have no intention to compete with either of the other two organizations in what they do best.”

To reiterate, NASA’s temperature data is worse than the Climategate temperature data. According to NASA.


Also mentioned in the link is the study that destroys the legitimacy of the NCDC data set.


In fact, [B] EVERY SINGLE database - repeat EVERY SINGLE database that has been examined has proven deeply flawed.

Amazing what actually disclosing the data will do to a hoax!!!!


NASA's Goddard Institute's database - WORSE than the CRU!!!

NCDC database - fraudulent!!!!

That leaves one dataset that is yet untainted - and as of right now unexamined. Want to take a bet???