View Full Version : "Americans' "confidence in leaders."Harris polls shows that we're not fooled"

03-13-2010, 04:37 PM
Americans' "confidence in leaders." Latest Harris polls shows that we're not being fooled

A few trends in the latest "Confidence in Leaders" Harris poll indicate that the public is not being fooled. In spite of the extreme -- almost pathological -- anti-military bias of the mass media, 59% of the public has "a great deal of confidence" in our military leaders and only 9% have "hardly any confidence at all" in them.

That's a huge spread (50 percentage points) between the positive and negative. Furthermore, our military leaders have the lowest "only some confidence" rating (only 30% of the public holds such a lukewarm view) and the second lowest "hardly any confidence rating" (9% of the public). Pretty damn good...and well deserved. Suddenly some of us don't feel so all-alone.

What this also means is that regardless of what the agenda-media does these days, a lot of us don't pay any attention to them, which is borne out by the other portions of the survey. For example, the public's confidence in those running the television news, the press is extremely low. Only 13% have a great deal of confidence in the leaders of the press while 39% have virtually no confidence in them. That's about right. And it does not seem to make much difference which political party you are in.