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03-16-2010, 01:15 PM
I wonder what price the Muslim clerics have put on his head. The fact that an eldest son turned his back on his father, his religion and his cause must not sit well with Muslims.

Mosab Hassan Yousef can now add “best-selling author” to his lengthy list of titles, which includes “son of one of the founders of Hamas,” “spy for the Israeli security agency Shin Bet,” “U.S. political asylum seeker,” and “follower of Jesus.”

His book, “Son of Hamas,” is No. 13 on Publishers Weekly’s list of hardcover nonfiction bestsellers, No. 11 on the New York Times’ list of hardcover nonfiction bestsellers, and No. 6 on the Washington Post’s list of top political titles.

And his story has been heard through countless media sources, including Fox News, NBC, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, GQ, and BBC.

“What I can say about ‘Son of Hamas’ – which I believe it’s not my story it’s God’s story, and it’s His project – I wish it would be successful because it’s His project,” says 32-year-old Yousef, whose father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, was a Hamas founder and leader who spent numerous years in Israeli prisons.

Released on March 2, “Son of Hamas” unveils the truth behind Yousef’s secret role in the terrorist organization and his journey to a new faith that instructed him to love his enemies.

“It’s good news,” Yousef told members of the National Religious Broadcasters last week during their annual convention.

“All the time we hear Hamas killing Israelis, and Israelis killing Hamas. This top Hamas leader is assassinated. And this Israeli bus was blown up. This is what we hear from the Mideast,” he said.

“This is the time that we hear that son of Hamas saved Israelites. This is a message of hope – not because son of Hamas is a great person, but because son of Hamas followed the steps of a hero, my hero, Jesus Christ.”

The rest of the story is here (http://www.christianpost.com/article/20100314/-son-of-hamas-reaches-no-11-on-ny-times-best-sellers-list/index.html)

03-16-2010, 01:27 PM
Brave man. I'll bet the price on his head is high, especially since it's been reported that he helped the Israelis fight Hamas.

I hope he can apply for citizenship here. His skills and backround are being wasted in a grocery store security officer position, although the store owner is probably very happy with him. He might be a better security consultant, it's a much more lucrative career.