View Full Version : Capitol Hill Cops Decry Bullying Staff Members

03-17-2010, 12:43 PM
"Big Shot Staffers Refuse to go Through Metal Detectors !Their Bosses don't have to go through the Magnometers so why do they ?"

U.S. Capitol Police officers say they need more backing from their leaders to stop congressional staffers who insist on bypassing metal detectors when entering the Capitol with lawmakers.

Several officers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Hill that without a written directive of the policy, they’re left to face bullying staffers and intimidating lawmakers who have been known to file complaints against the officers. The staffers have accused them of discourteous treatment after being stopped and directed to the Magnometers.

"Discourteous ? They're Security Cops not Butlers !"

The officers say the directive must come from either Capitol Police Chief Phillip Morse or the House Sergeant at Arms Bill Livingood and must outline the screening protocol. That would give officers a reference point when lawmakers attempt to have their staff bypass security screening points leading into the Capitol.

“I don’t mind doing the job — just give me the tools to do it,” said one officer, who asked that his name not be used.

Last week The Hill reported that Capitol Police have violated security protocol by not stopping and screening every staffer through metal detectors when he or she has entered the Capitol, according to Livingood’s testimony before a House panel.

“If officers had an official memo that they could refer to, they wouldn’t get half of the complaints and get written up nearly as much,” said another officer.

Livingood last week acknowledged there have been “inconsistencies” and that he and Morse have been addressing the issue with officers at roll calls to make sure they know and enforce the department’s policy.

The problems enforcing security protocol surfaced less than two weeks after a gunman dressed like a Pentagon employee opened fire on two officers at an entrance to the building, wounding three officers in the process. And three years ago, a staff member for Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) was arrested trying to carry a loaded pistol and two loaded ammunition clips into the Russell Senate Office Building in a briefcase.