View Full Version : Will someone please explain how HCR benefits folks with no jobs, who own their homes

03-18-2010, 09:36 PM
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saracat (1000+ posts) Thu Mar-18-10 01:11 PM
Original message Will someone please explain how HCR benefits folks with no jobs, who own their homes

yet have a mortgage and are living off the last vestiges of a 401K and the equity of their home? The withdrawal of the retirement funds is treated as "income" though it isn't. We have no employer to provide health insurance and health insurance is what is eating our retirement up.And how is this going to help at all for prescription drugs? Already we aren't taking prescribed medicine because we can't afford it. Do we have to sell every thing we own and live in a box before we get help?We already drive 16 year old cars and do without most luxuries. My animals haven't had veterinary care for 5 years.With the exception of one cat that died from the bad cat food that further depleted our resources and we were never given anything by the class action suit.And what about dental? I haven't seen a dentist for years, since my husband lost his dental plan. How much exactly are we expected to give up before we are worthy of living? And oh yeah, I do have a preexisting condition, not that it matters, and we aren't yet eligible for Medicare!

Mineral Man gets into a polite discussion with her...

MineralMan (1000+ posts) Thu Mar-18-10 01:14 PM
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1. It doesn't. But neither will killing it. In the meantime, it will help some people.

Killing the measure helps nobody.

It goes on, I actually feel sorry for saracat.

But then...DU shows it's typical "love"...

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03-19-2010, 10:07 AM
HCR Fun Fact-According to the CBO, by 2019 23 million people still will not have health insurance.

That is after the first real decade of spending. Remember they collect taxes for first few years with very little spending. Then in 2013 they start the real spending, 2-3 trillion in the 10 years after.