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03-19-2010, 12:27 PM
Some like it hot...

Indian Army Develops Blinding Chili Grenade

India has unveiled the latest hot new weapon -- a grenade made using the world's hottest chili, reported The Sun on Friday.

At more than a thousand times stronger than the average cooking spice the bhut jolokia chili is set to cause a potent explosion on more than just the taste buds.
Military experts in India have developed the new crowd control grenade packed with ground seeds from the chili -- which is officially recognized as the hottest on the planet by Guinness World Records.

When deployed the grenade showers the targets with a dust so spicy that in trials subjects were blinded for hours and left with breathing problems. Lead scientist R.B. Srivastava, from India's Defense Research and Development Organisation (http://www.drdo.gov.in/), said: "The chilli grenade is a non-toxic weapon and when used would force a terrorist to come out of his hideout.

"The effect is so pungent that it would literally choke them."

Hot off the press... (http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/03/19/indian-army-unveils-blinding-chili-grenade/?test=latestnews)

03-19-2010, 04:03 PM
So you can blind them and create a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock situation but it's not okay to fake choke them with water.

This is so confusing.