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03-19-2010, 12:36 PM
Five reasons to use a Mac for Paranormal investigations
Mar. 16, 2010, under Paranormal News

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I frequently receive emails asking what type of computer and software I use to search through the hours of audio/video footage following a paranormal investigation. So, I decided to write an article and let you know the answer is simple; I use a Mac. I don’t claim to be a Mac expert, but I’ll share several reasons I’ve completely severed my ties with the Windows world and become a loyal customer of Apple, Inc.

First, I need a computer that works. I once read on Apple’s website that “you expect your toaster to work, so why not your computer?” I’ve been using a Mac for six years and it always works, period. No system freeze-ups, applications suddenly quitting, Control+Alt+Deletes or expensive virus software – It just works.

Second, there’s amazing software that comes with a Mac. For example, I needed to quickly upload a paranormal experience at the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum (Below). Using the included iMovie software I connected my camera, imported the scene and added a quick title – With the click of a button it was ready to view on YouTube. I’m not a professional at video editing, yet the entire process took less than 10-minutes. Even cooler, I could have sent the video file to iDVD, another included program, and burnt a DVD with interactive menus that have the professional look and feel you would expect from a video store rental. Still not impressed? With the click of a different button I could have created a brand new website using iWeb, another included application, and shared the video online in minutes.

Third, the MacBook Pro I purchased two years ago is still better than your brand new PC. When you purchase a PC they quickly become obsolete. This is where people naively say, “Apple’s are so much money.” I couldn’t disagree with them more. Equally configure a junk-parted Dell and then add the software you’re not getting – Now tell me how much it will cost.

News you can use if you are an amateur spookologist, I guess. More at the link.

Paranormal Daily (http://paranormaldailynews.com/2010/03/16/a-ghost-a-ufo-and-an-apple-computer/)

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Does Nancy Pelousy's "work" count as paranormal activity?....


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Maybe. She's making the Founders spin in their graves.