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03-19-2010, 10:43 PM
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I put in paragraphs. The fool couldn't even do that.

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We confronted John Yoo today at the University of Virginia.

First at the Miller Center of Public Affairs where I was forcibly removed, then there was a protest march from the Corner to Minor Hall, the location of John Yoo's second appearance. We marched right down Rte 250 in heavy traffic, no cop escort which was weird, right past the Rotunda. David Swanson, Cindy Sheehan, Ray Mcgovern, and Col. Anne Wright show up for the march, they weren't at the Miller Center event, but David was.

At the second John Yoo speaking event at Minor Hall on the UVA campus, John claimed he "owned" John Stewart of the Daily Show(my paraphrasing). After he got a few laughs with that I piped up with "Did ya put the thumbscrews on him?" (Dead silence, pin drop silence, John Yoo looking perturbed, looking down, signaling security) Yoo: "What?" Me: "Yeah you know thumbscrews, it's a torture device, it's a joke, you know? Because torture is so funny." (cops moving in and I get up) On my way out I express my disgust that the University would host a torture advocate and a war criminal. Cops still move in, I put my hands up and say, "Don't touch me, I'm leaving." Some kid in the audience pipes up with "Don't taze me bro." Laughs from the audience, John Yoo laughs.

I leave. Two young students left behind me and outside Minor Hall express their support, I thank them.Per the norm, liberals think they have "won" when the can talk over, ridicule, or sneer at someone who has a differing opinion or belief.

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12. I tried to engage him and I was going to mention DU.

But he slimes his way out of these situtaions. At the Miller Center he said that "9/11 changed the way that we think about law and the way that we wage war." again my paraphrasing. I countered him with "What do you mean? Iraq Invasion plans were on the books well before 9/11." To which he called me "paranoid".

Later I asked him if I was the paranoid one, then why did he have to have a bomb sniffing dog go through the room before he spoke which did happen and was quite strange.Strange? strange? Considering how the liberals go on and on with how much they hate him it doesn't surprise me that he had a bomb sniffing dog go through the room?

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21. Great job!

That is the way to get to them. Keep pushing their faces in it - every time they go somewhere to speak. Every time they go out in public. f***ers.

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22. God, what a piece of shit he is. Updated at 5:44 AM

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Although he didn't "own" Jon Stewart, Jon did a terrible job with that interview. I'm not sure why. He just seemed really unprepared.

Thanks for the pics! Sorry I couldn't be there.

03-19-2010, 11:02 PM
"Don't taze me bro."

Too bad they didn't...http://www.conservativecave.com/Smileys/default/taser.gif