View Full Version : Griffith Rips Obama, Pelosi for Pressuring 'Nameless' Members to 'Sacrifice' Careers

03-20-2010, 06:31 PM
"I believe that they've been double-crossed so many times by the Pelosi leadership, he said.I think Obama has sent so many mixed messages,he's led them into the woods hoping they couldn't find their way back out."

Rep. Parker Griffith (R-Ala.), who switched from the Democratic Party in December over disagreement with party policies, ripped Democratic leadership and the White House on Saturday for pressuring members to push healthcare reform through.

"There are some good, good congresswomen and congressmen who are being asked to sacrifice their career and it's a mistake for them to accept this sacrifice on the part of President Obama or Nancy Pelosi," Griffith said on Fox News. "It is a huge mistake.

"These are good people and they're being pressured unmercifully right now," he continued. "I saw it on the floor 20 minutes ago before I walked into this studio. I could see it on their faces.

These are people I've known over a year and it's unfortunate, it's unfair. And what's unfair about it is Obama doesn't hardly know their name. Nancy Pelosi doesn't hardly know their name.

They're good for a vote and once they cast that vote it's will you love me tomorrow and the answer is no."


"I believe that the Democratic leadership right now will do anything, will commit anything, to get this bill passed," he said. "I believe they truly believe that the means, whatever means, will justify the end."

Griffith said he doesn't think Democrats have the votes needed to pass the bill.